Tuesday, 25 December 2012


This is a very quick post just to say Merry Christmas!! Hope it is full of many surprises, too much food and lots of drink!!

Have a lovely day xxxx

Monday, 17 December 2012

Weekly Ins and Outs..

This week has been quite busy but mainly consisting of sorting out work for my uni deadline which is why the blog has been a little quiet the past couple of weeks! - Sorry!


Work has been handed in for my first project, finally! But now got lots to do over christmas..boo! 

I went to the Christmas Markets in Manchester with two of my blogger friends Rachel and Charlotte last week - a post will be up soon about it! 

For those of you who follow me on instagram, yesterday my 'photo a day december challenge' title was family pet...I can finally announce we have a new addition to our family! She was collected on Tuesday and she is a little sweetie!! As it's for Dad's birthday and christmas present I've been told I'm not allowed to put any more other than this one..

Believe me, I will be uploading quite a few more as soon as it's been Christmas Day!! She is the most adorable thing ever and loves her cuddles :)


I still don't feel too christmassy!! Maybe it's because I've not broken up from uni yet but hopefully I will soon! Can't wait to go home for Christmas - everyone else has finished so gone home and I'm the only one left in the house :(

Hope you all have a good evening - think I'm going to curl up on the sofa and catch up on Homeland and Made in Chelsea tonight to keep me occupied! 

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Gina xoxo

Friday, 7 December 2012

Instagram - #PhotoadayDecember ♥

For those of you who don't follow me, I am taking part in the December photo a day on Instagram at the moment and so far I have managed to keep up! (Admittedly, it is only day 7 but you know!!)

If you would like to follow, my username is @ginab1989

I also have a few things on ebay at the moment (some brand new) ending Sunday night - you can either find them using the ebay tab or by clicking here... and whilst you're at it, follow this link to get cashback on things bought online!

Have a lovely evening xxx

Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Christmas Wishlist ♥

As we're nearing Christmas and finally into the month of December, I can talk about my wishlist!
Lots of people keep asking what I want and I have no idea so have been trying to get my thinking cap on and get some ideas going so here goes..

Reindeer Socks - Bank, £4.00


Crafted Bird Striped Jumper - Republic, £30.00

AX Paris Heart Print Jumper - Republic, £25.00


Grey Spotty Heart Print Long Sleeve Top - New Look, £19.99

 Anyone starting to see a theme yet?! Yes, I am obsessed with hearts!!

Fishnet Oversize Knitted Jumper in Beige - FD Avenue, £14.99

What's better is there's 50% off this website until Monday!! 

  And I can't go without this christmas jumper, not too OTT but I love it!

Jumper - H&M, £19.99

White Heart Print Onesie - New Look, £22.99

Unfortunately, I have been told I will not be getting any clothes for christmas (sob, sob) so those links are ideas for all of you to pop on wishlists!

Dvds: Magic Mike, 21 Jump Street, The Vow

Only just realised after posting, all the DVDs I want have Channing Tatum in them..after all, who wouldn't want to wake up to him on Christmas Day?!

If anyone likes any of these ideas or knows they're buying online..follow this link to earn cashback on lots of things bought online!

And don't forget about my giveaway that has been extended right up until Christmas Day!

Have a lovely evening..mine will be spent doing uni work for my deadline next Friday! Roll on the Christmas holidays!

Gina xoxo