Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Who Loves competitions?!
These are my top picks for this week..

1. Rachel's blog  
for your chance to win a £50 voucher at McBerry!!  
Ends 25th March 6pm 

2. Danielle's blog £20 to spend at WOW Footwear...considering most of these shoes or accessories are under £20, that's a pair of shoes for...nothing!! :) 
Ends 19th March 6pm

3. Tanya's blog - Jar of sweets from Posh Pick & Mix..let's face it, who doesn't like sweets?!!  http://sassy-rambling.blogspot.com/2011/03/sweet-tooth-anyone-posh-pick-mix.html 
Ends 18th March 12pm

Good luck everyone!! :) 

Gina x

Monday, 14 March 2011

An Introduction to my nail colour collection...

I LOVE painting my nails and my nail varnish collection; it just makes me feel so girlie! Although looking at many other people's I know it's very limited! This is my collection...
The ones in the photo below are the ones I wear the most..I love my reds and pinks, but as summer is coming I want something a little more bright or pastelly! Basically, different colours to what I do have (which shouldn't be too difficult!)

My favourite varnishes that I have used so far are definitely Barry M Nail varnishes as they have such cute colours, and think I will be going for new ones from their range..but also Rimmel's 60second polish as I'm a bit mucky with mine and it is a lot easier if they dry quickly for me!!

Any advice as to new brands that people think are amazing, or specific colours, let me know and I will give my reviews on them! ♥ 

Gina x
My New Found Love...

Evening lovelies :)

Soo I thought I'd try out a new fake tan the other night that I'd heard lots of other bloggers give great reviews about.. I loved before I was a student being able to afford St.Tropez every now and again, but due to low funds I haven't been able to afford that since finishing the bottle off a year ago!! 

I'm a complete sun worshipper whenever I go on holiday, no one can understand why or how I just lie in the sun for as long as I do but it totally relaxes me, and I love having a great tan at the end of it! It just makes me feel so much healthier - I did start going on the stand up sun beds a couple of times but then thought I was being stupid with all the cancer risks they have, and it just made me go very red anyway so I've stopped!! And now I've opted for the cheap cheats version...

St Moriz!

 For £2.99 from places such as Home Bargains and Bodycare it is in fact a complete bargain!! I opted for the mousse as sometimes I find spray tans can go everywhere, but with how well this went I might attempt the spray one day! There is also a dark version now out, but I thought I should play safe for my first attempt.

Arm after first layer of fake tan

After first layer x

I decided to apply this in the evening so it had plenty of time to soak in and wash it off in the morning. I was quite surprised how glowing it made me look straight away and didn't smell! Although, don't be alarmed when the mousse comes out as it is alarmingly dark!! - I should have used tanning mitts too, as it took a while for the brown / orange to come off my hands haha!

I re-applied this the evening after to get a bit of a darker tan for when I went out, as you can see in the photos below (sorry there's not a full length photo!)

This photo makes me look kind of orange!
I can safely say this is one of the best fake tans I have ever used..and will definitely be using again! No streaks, no bad smell, great colour, and amazing price!! 10/10! 

Gina x


Friday, 4 March 2011

Love love competitions!

Hey! So the other day I won a £10 voucher on Facebook from paprikafashion.co.uk. I need your help as to which item I choose and why!...(The prices shouldn't sway your decision either!!) - There are links underneath the photos if you need to see them more clearly..

1.Paprika Chiffon Cape Dress £22.00


 Link to it on the website:

2. Paprika Ditsy Bow Dress £24.00

3. Paprika Ruched Dress £30.00



4.  Paprika One Shoulder Bow Dress £32.00

5. Paprika Pleated Ra Ra Dress £32.00



There are soo many cute dresses on this website, so if there's others you think I'd suit more, just let me know! ♥

Gina x