Friday, 24 May 2013

Sheffield Meet Up ♥

So after attempt 1 of this huge post, I managed to delete it all :( so here goes attempt number 2!
Warning: Text and photo heavy post!

For anyone who follows me on Instagram or Twitter, you will probably know that I went to Sheffield Meet Up last Saturday, which was hosted by Rachel, Caroline and Charlotte. Rachel asked me if I'd take some photos of it, which is the reason for so many photos on the blog today!

I met up with Caroline, Charlotte and Fran at Manchester Piccadilly, and we all caught the train together to see Rachel. Here, I was introduced to Claire and we all begun to help set up. Lots of companies had donated so many products and I just couldn't believe the amount that kept appearing out of nowhere to be added to the goody bags. Charlotte had also been very busy and spent hours hand making personalised name tags to attach to each of the bags.. as I am like a magpie, the glitter and hearts were amazing..!

The event was hosted at The Handmade Burger Co. in Meadowhall and they let us have a whole half of their restaurant! They were amazingly generous and provided us with a meal, of which I chose the cheese & bacon chicken burger. We also had a side each, but after the burger, Rachel and I could only manage to share our chips as the portions were so big! We even had bottomless soft drinks for the whole time we were there and I cannot wait until they come to Manchester (apparently in July - eek excited!) Thank you for an amazing meal!

Once we had finished our food and got rid of our food babies, it was time for yet more goodies in a giveaway. My name was drawn out of a hat bag and I was lucky enough to win a Pore Essential product from DHC worth £28! I was amazed as I never win anything! Charlotte won the Paul Mitchell hamper which I will admit, I'm sure along with everyone, I was a teeny bit jealous as it looked SO amazing!!

Some of the prizes and Charlotte's hamper

Giveaway time, bloggers, inside the bags
Other bloggers at the event

After delicious food, more goodies and chatting away to friends, old and new, it was time for us to split into smaller groups to visit the Lush store. As a newbie to Lush and only popping in when I've had to drag the boyfriend in (hence, spending hardly any time in there,) I'd always thought they just sold bath time wrong I was! Each group had the chance of spending time looking at new products, interacting with them and testing them out. Our group consisted of: me, Claire, Rachel, Charlotte, Stacey and Kerys. The first product we had a play with was called 'FUN.' This is a play-dough like product, that can be used for bath bubbles, as soap or even shampoo and was in fact so much fun! (See what I did there?!) We are all such big kids and the toy element had us hooked! - Stacey more than some, as she kept playing with it the whole session we had in the Lush store!! ;) 

Next, we moved onto looking at their 'Emotional Brilliance' makeup range which I did not know even existed! Here, everyone could test out which products they were most suited to. They did this by closing their eyes and pointing to the three colours they were most drawn to. This equated to a colour and keyword, such as pink = passion, and a certain type of makeup: lipgloss, mascara etc. It was a great way to get involved and to see what type of a person you are!

To end the session, we had a little play with some ingredients that go into lots of the products and were given a wealth of information. After that, we were given yet another goody bag, with a few products to try out..including some makeup! I just want to say a huge thank you to Lush for having us, being so enthusiastic and teaching us so much about the products in the shop. I will definitely be back!

We all then went off in little groups to complete shopping lists, but Caroline, Charlotte, Rachel, Fran, Claire, Stacey and I all happened to meet back in Primark... However, we were all so zonked from the busy day that we didn't buy much..makes a change for me!! Here we gave Claire a little present for her wedding this weekend (eeeeek!) which so very nearly made her cry!.. and we said our goodbyes to everyone.

I had such a fantastic day and made so many true friendships that I just want to say a huge and heartfelt thank you to all those involved! I can't wait for the next meet up and to see everyone again :) 
(By the way, congrats if you managed to sift through all of this!)

(All photos are my own. Please do not use without asking for permission)

Thursday, 16 May 2013

So it seems my last post was a bit of a lie...

Admittedly, I did think I was back to blogging, but now uni work has taken over! 3 weeks tomorrow my deadline will be over and then I can officially say I will be back..but for now it may be a bit more as and when I have a spare five mins!

So for a catch up...As most of you know, I recently set up a photography business, have photographed two weddings and one more as a guest, as well as christenings, newborn baby shoots and lots more! I love it and am so excited to concentrate on it a little more once uni deadlines are over! If you'd like to take a look at my facebook page, follow this link Georgina Balmer Photography. (A blog for this will also be coming soon!) I am adding more wedding photos this evening so look out for them! - Please give it a like if you like what you see!

Last time I wrote, I was majorly excited about going to see One Direction! Since then, I am even more in love with Louis and Zayn than before and often get whatsapp's from Rachel of gorgeous pics! (Photos will be up of that as soon as uni has finished for summer!)
(not my own photo)

They have also just announced that they are doing a stadium tour in 2014...ahhhhh! So excited. (My boyfriend says I'm a perve for drooling over them as I will be 24 in June but I don't care!! If Caroline Flack is allowed, then that makes me well within my rights!)

It doesn't feel like I have been away from blogging for so long, but I am really sorry and promise to be better over summer! I am off to a blogger meet up in Sheffield on Saturday and cannot wait.. so much effort has gone into making it the perfect day by the hosts, with lots of special finishing touches..of which I will be taking some photos :) Can't wait to meet all the other bloggers going!

Today is going to consist of doing some more uni work, sorting the layouts of wedding photos for my page..oh, and getting my nails painted at Clinique! And, I promise to be back soon!