Sunday, 13 November 2011

Graduation Dress

As it's less than two weeks to go until my graduation and mum said she would buy me a dress for it, I thought I'd best start looking for some dresses! 

I have come across two that I love! As I am still not feeling great, mum is gonna be lovely and pop to town for me tomorrow to get them for me to try on...

I want something that is simple, I can wear for the ceremony, but also when we go out in the evening, and most importantly, that I will wear again!

Option 1:
Part open back dress

Option 2: 
2 in 1 dress with sequins on shoulders

I love both of these so think I am just going to see which look best on! 
Which do you prefer? should I wear tights with the dress in the daytime? 

*Fingers crossed they actually have these in stock in my size in store!* 

Gina xx

My Christmas Wishlist

As I have been looking through loads of websites for people's Christmas presents, I have come across a few things that I would like! As I saw the Coca Cola advert whilst watching X factor last night, I thought it's no longer too early to do this post!! So...If anyone is feeling really nice........ well, here goes :)

H&M Polo-neck jumper £14.99

Cable Knit Hooded Tunic £24.99 - although the link is to the navy one, I sooo love it in burgundy!

As I've seen on lots of blogs...I quite fancy trying a tangle teezer which can be found here

I am loving Models Own Nail Polish at the mo, and as I couldn't take advantage of the 50% off sale they had due to my shopping ban..I am hoping to get some of these in my stocking this Christmas! If not, I am definitely buying once my spending ban has ended! I am in love with the Glitter Collection and Autumn/Winter Collection :)

This one I may have to get myself due to the cost...

Urban Decay 'Naked' eyeshadow palette - around £30 

I will add more to this post as Christmas gets closer :) 

Gina xx

Saturday, 12 November 2011

Who loves a discount?!

This bit doesn't follow straight on from the title but you'll get the jist! I had a wisdom tooth out yesterday and as the dentist said, tomorrow I might I look like I've been in a fight with Mike Tyson!...I do! Although the process didn't actually hurt, obviously the injections to numb it did and once it had worn off it did, as was not as simple a procedure as they first thought it might be :(

In the mean time, in between popping what feels like about 100 tablets a day I have been looking for presents for Liam, friends and family for christmas! 
I will put up a little wishlist of what I have found and am lusting over in another post in case anyone was feeling really nice and wanted to buy me anything! Haha.

Whilst looking, I came across one particular website..I know lots of different ones are advertised but I had heard good things about this particular one and I urge you to use it! 

There are simple instructions:
1. Create an account
2. Think of a present you want to buy someone or yourself
3. Log on to and type the website you want to buy from onto their website search.
4. If they offer discounts / cashback/ vouchers for that website, the details will appear on screen
5. Click on the website through topcashback to start earning rewards!
6. You can take the money out of your account at ANY time, even if you only have 10p in there!

As soon as you have claimed £10 back, I will get a reward for referring you...and you can do the same with others! :) so please visit the website using my own link here

Thank youu to anyone who does! and Happy saving! xx

Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Winter is here! OOTD x

I have to say that in the past few days winter has definitely hit! It was only on bonfire night we were saying that it was pretty warm compared to what we remember it being like in November.....I mean I had a Mr. Whippy icecream at the fireworks...who would do that on a standard November evening?!!

The next day however, it was freezing! Luckily I didn't have to work or anything so I wrapped up warm in my cosy clothes and stayed in!

Here is my OOTD post....for some reason it went really blurry on the whole outfit so I have done a close up too! 

...Don't think Liam was too keen on the pink wardrobe I planted in his room! hehe :)
Baggy Jumper from USC £19.99, and SoulCal joggers from Republic £5 (both in the sale!) I love this outfit as it is soooo cosy and wear these joggers all the time with this cold weather!

Do you have a favourite 'cosy' / staying in outfit? xx

Love this quote!

Have to say this is a very inspirational quote for me...after everything that happened with Liam at the end of October and finding out that if I hadn't taken him to hopsital that night, he may not be here now is pretty scary!! xx

Plans for November

I am hoping over these wintery months, my blogging becomes a bit more frequent. I had a very stressful end of October with Liam in hospital and thank god he has out of there and all ok! Moving on from that, it is now November and I have lots in store for this month...

Tonight (Tuesday 8th November):
Liam and I are going to see Lee Evans on tour. I cannot wait as am a huge fan, and these tickets Liam bought me ages ago...from what I have heard it is a very funny gig and I am so excited!

Thursday 10th November:
My flatmate Katy's 21st birthday and we are all going out on the Wednesday night to there are better nights on! Looking forward to that as we have not all been out together in what feels like ages!

Wednesday 9th November:
(I know I'm working backwards here!)-is Liam's mums birthday. We are both going home at the weekend though to celebrate it which should be nice to catch up with everyone, as last time I saw his family they were up in Manchester visiting Liam in hospital..not a very nice experience! 

Friday 11th November:
I am having my wisdom teeth out back home....eeeeek! I hate any kind of injection, so this is something I am really NOT looking forward to! :( wish me luck!

Every Tuesday I have my photography course which I am loving, and you can check out the blog for it here! :) Nothing much else is happening in November until the end of the month, when I graduate!!

Friday 25th November: I graduate!! 
I am pretty excited for this as get to see everyone again, and we have all booked a room at some hotels in Leeds so that we can all go out together for the last time in Leeds! I am sure it will be an emotional night but one I am definitely looking forward to!

What's more, it will be exactly one month until christmas which I am extremely excited about this year-I feel like I'm a big kid again!! :)

What are everyone elses plans? Anyone else as excited about christmas as me?! xx