Thursday, 30 August 2012

What I've bought - Summer Clothing Haul ❤

I've been meaning to post a couple times about clothes I've bought over summer. Instead of doing it over a few, I am going to combine everything into one!

On the shopping trip with Rachel and Charlotte, I wanted to get a few new summery clothes. We had a big shop in Primark in which we had 2 huge baskets between the 3 of us and still managed to fill them up.. oopsie!

I picked up this gorgeous yellow coloured see-through shirt as I hardly have anything this colour. I have already worn it a couple of times with a white vest top underneath and with white trousers but also with jeans on another occasion.
If we actually had any sun, I can imagine wearing it with a cute pair of denim shorts too. I love it as it is dressy enough to wear in the evening with some nice pieces of jewellery, jeans and heels but also as something casual in the daytime.

Yellow chiffon shirt - £5, Primark

Close up of the 3/4 length sleeves with buttons that can also be made into a full length sleeve

Most of my purchases were made in Primark as I had not been in a long while and hadn't actually bought much all summer so thought I deserved to spoil myself without breaking the bank.

I love the style of these tops out at the moment with the cute collars and again this can be dressed up or down. It has been worn out for a meal in the evening but also to the cinema in the daytime. The tie bits can be made into a bow or hung loose as shown in the photo.(Sorry about all the creases!)

£7 Primark
As summer is drawing to a close, I thought I'd better purchase a new pair of PJ bottoms. I practically live in mine in the evenings with a comfy hoody when it gets darker much earlier (sad face). I needed a new pair too as my last pair were shrunk in the wash.

£5 - Primark
Whilst wandering around, I spotted this cute jewellery organiser. I really wish I had bought more..maybe on my day off on Friday I may pop to my local Primark and see if they have any left. It was just £1 in the sale and can be hung on the inside of the wardrobe door - perfect for keeping your room clutter free, especially in the house in Manchester where I am sharing with Liam.

£1 - Primark

I spotted these bracelets for just £1. I love Primark's jewellery range as everything is great value. You don't expect it to be of a high standard as if it breaks or something happens to it, it doesn't exactly break the bank to buy the item again. However, I have bought bracelets from there in the past and they have lasted me well!

£1 - Primark
For any of you who know me at all, you will know that I am pretty obsessed with anything that has a heart on it. Obviously, once I saw this skinny heart belt I could not resist..especially in the sale! It has now become a staple item of mine.

£1 - Primark
I have borrowed the next photo from Charlotte. (Hope you don't mind!!) She picked up this gorgeous lace back vest top from Primark whilst we were all together. I fell in love with it and regretted not having picked up one for myself. However, I went back to my local Primark and purchased one in a deep maroon colour which I wore out recently for my mum's birthday. She kept commenting on about how much the colour suited me so am really glad I did! It is similar to my yellow shirt in that it is quite see through, so you could either be daring or wear it with a strappy top underneath. It is also long enough to wear with leggings, but short enough at the front to wear with shorts so it is perfect!

£7 - Primark

 Whilst waiting for Liam to finish work one day, I thought I'd pop in and take a look at the sales in Outfit. Outfit is a place that has all of the Arcadia group within it (Dorothy Perkins, Burton, Topshop, Topman, etc) not great for the bank balance. I held back though knowing I didn't need much. However I spotted this cute pair of pumps reduced down from £14.99
I actually wanted some different to the white I own and these are great as I can slip them on and off and don't have to tie them up.

£5 - Dorothy Perkins Sale

Towards the beginning of summer I went on a little shopping trip with my best friend Tasha. She was looking for a couple dresses to wear and I wanted some lazing about summery things. There wasn't much in the sales back then but I did spot this cute pair of shorts. They are perfect for sunbathing / lazing about in and are so soft, like the other Superdry trousers / joggers. At a bargain price, I didn't think I could go wrong!

£5 - Bank Sale
I also spotted this cute dress perfect for summer or an event such as a wedding. It was from TKMaxx but is a Paprika Fashion dress. I was surprised and pleased that the only size left was a size 10 (my size) and it had greatly been reduced down to £5! Obviously, it was fate and I had to have it! ;)

£5 - TKMaxx (Paprika)

Lastly, on the way back from Manchester on Tuesday, I very sweetly asked Liam if we could pop in to Cheshire Oaks as we were passing. I needed some new foundation and in the makeup store they often do my discontinued Clinique foundation at a bargain price. (They had got it, big smiles! but that will be in another post.) I didn't want to spend too much, but you can't go somewhere like that with that many shops and not buy a thing. We both wandered into the Superdry store and for once, both of us picked up a couple tops we liked. Although pretty plain, both mine and Liam's tops will be great just with jeans for the colder months. I wouldn't ever spend the full price on these tops..I may be a bit stingey but would rather spend it on makeup ha.

Superdry RRP £22.99 - Discounted to £13.79

Although this does look like a lot of clothes, I have been selling ones at the same time and this is for the whole of summer so I don't think a total of about £60 on clothes in just over 3 months is bad at all! 
Let's not go in to the amount spent on beauty products.......that's for another time!

Have you got any good clothes in the sale recently?

Gina xoxo

Tuesday, 28 August 2012

* Visit one of the world’s finest coastlines this summer

With the climate on these shores seeming to veer between drought and torrential rain on a weekly basis, it’s no wonder that people continue to look to destinations around the globe in search of holiday sun. However, even if you’re a self-confessed beach bum, it can be a little overwhelming trying to single out a particular country’s coastline from anothers. So with that in mind, here are a few of the world’s best to give you some inspiration – and a chance to put the beach footwear you’ve accumulated over the years to good use!

Providenciales, a relatively small island in the Caribbean, is a picturesque little treasure that attracts as many honeymooners looking for romance as it does divers exploring the gorgeous barrier reef. Grace Bay and Taylor Bay are relaxing, secluded places to sun yourself, though the island’s growing popularity may see its shores become slightly more crowded over the next few years, so visit soon!

If you like a little historic intrigue mixed with your sunbathing then Tulum, Mexico is a good place to wear in your sandals and flip flops, with ancient Mayan ruins to explore only a short distance from the sands. Enjoy a cocktail in a hammock on Ziggy beach or treat yourself to a traditional Mayan spa treatment courtesy of the welcoming locals.

Paragliders know Oludeniz, Turkey well as a top venue for taking in sights from the air, but this beautiful stretch of white sand and clear, blue sea is equally enjoyable from the ground. Turkey is a regular favourite with holidaymakers; with beach-fronts as pleasing to the eye as this, it’s easy to see why.

Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt is another favourite with divers thanks to its reefs and marine life. There’s plenty to do out of the water too – go camel riding or shop in the bright, colourful markets, taking in the surrounding aromas and atmosphere as you browse the dazzling array of hand-woven fabrics, pottery and glassware.

These are just some of the fantastic destinations out there. Get online, do some research and find some more brilliant beaches on which to sport your new flip flops and top up your tan this summer.
Gina xoxo
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Monday, 27 August 2012

Weekly Ins and Outs...

Hi everyone, sorry again for the late post - work seems to actually be taking over my life! Seeing as it is a bank holiday weekend I have an excuse and I am using today as the end of the week as it will be my Monday and day off tomorrow! :)
McDonalds Hangover Lunch . No one but me on the road at 6.30am B.H Monday . Relaxing Drink . Flowers from the boyfriend . Rain, Rain, Rain .

After the drunken works night out, Monday was very much a hangover day. (That's kinda an out, but I had a McDonalds which obviously cures all hangovers! Especially a McDonalds coke..mmm :) Liam and I travelled up to Manchester on Monday as he had a resit to do Tuesday morning.

Once Liam had finished his exam, we went to Wetherspoons for something off their steak day menu. For anyone that hasn't been on the set menu days, it's great. You can still order anything off the normal menu but generally you can get a steak and a drink for a certain amount which is great! :)

Friday was another day off! In the evening, Liam and I had a lovely night relaxing in front of the TV. He made me some sweet chilli chicken wraps for tea which were amazing and also surprised me when I got there with a huge bunch of flowers..just 'cos he was feeling nice :) I felt so spoilt!

Saturday night I went out for a meal with a group of friends and Liam. It was great to catch up with everyone and also for Liam to be there as so often he's been busy when we've all gone out. Two of the girls there are pregnant at the moment so it was great to have lots of baby talk....even though the boys got a bit bored of it haha.

Work, work, work. As always. But again, gotta just keep thinking of the money! As this post is a little late..I have even worked 7-4.30pm today.. on a Bank Holiday :( Boohoo. As you can see, I was the only one on the roads at 6.30am..depressin 'ell. (I'm not sure if that's how you write it, but you get my drift....!)

This weather is awful. I cannot believe it will officially be September on Saturday and we have not even properly had summer yet. It has been cold, wet and dreary recently which is rubbish. What is more scary is that in the warehouse at work we have mince pies ready to come out..eek! (Although I am sure I will make an early purchase. I LOVE them!) 

I have suddenly realised how much I do actually need to save to do my course so am trying really hard to save money. I will soon be having a blog sale, but also as I have so so many products for in the bathroom I have decided that at the end of each month I will be reviewing my 'empties' and am making sure I don't buy anything before I have used that certain product up and anything that relates to it. For example, I have about 5 different body moisturisers so need to use them all up before being allowed to buy a new one. Maybe this way I will definitely save a bit! (And these photos are less than half of what I have!)

Cupboard in the ensuite

My messy shelf :/
I have suddenly realised how much I do actually need to save to do my course so am trying really hard to save money. I will soon be having a blog sale, but also as I have so so many products for in the bathroom I have decided that at the end of each month I will be reviewing my 'empties' and am making sure I don't buy anything before I have used that certain product up and anything that relates to it. For example, I have about 5 different body moisturisers so need to use them all up before being allowed to buy a new one. Maybe this way I will definitely save a bit! 
Wish me luck!

As I have had an early start and a long shift today I am off to bed soon for a big sleep!
Hope you've all had a great Bank Holiday Weekend,

Gina xoxo

Thursday, 23 August 2012

A biiiig catch up-Weekly Ins and Outs

It has been a while since I last posted (oops) but I have just been working so so much. Now that my supervisor is on holiday, I am covering all of her shifts. This means more hours but finishing at 3 pretty much every day so I have time to actually relax and blog! :)

So, here goes three weeks into one post!


  • A couple of weeks ago, I met a bride-to-be, Emma, to discuss wedding contracts as I am her official photographer! Eek! It is quite daunting but I am looking forward to it. Once I start my new course I will be setting up a new photography blog and page on facebook, so I hope some of you will be kind enough to follow :)
  • One of my best friends is getting married in Cuba in January. Although I cannot afford to go out there for the actual ceremony, she and her hubby-to-be are having a blessing in their local church and reception once they get home. At the moment, we are all organising her hen do so it's all very exciting!! If anyone can give us any tips on good games or anything to surprise the hen with, let me know!
  • Charlotte, a friend I have met through blogging, has set a date for her wedding next year too! I am so looking forward to hopefully look for dresses with her in Manchester from September!
  • A couple weeks ago, I went on a trip to Sheffield to meet my blogging friends, Rachel and Charlotte. (A what I bought post will be up soon!) It was a great day out, and included a trip to Frankie & Benny's..mmmm! As I was giving them their birthday presents, the waiter (who thought he was being really friendly, but was kind of weird) asked if it was their birthdays. I knew straight away that they'd be getting candles in their desserts..was so funny! 
Charlotte, Rachel and me :)

  • I've also been away to London with mum for a couple of days, however will be writing a post all about this! :)
  • Last Friday was Mum's birthday and she kept saying to my brother and I not to spend a lot. Recently she has done ever so much for us though and we wanted to treat her so we had already decided what to get her. When she kept saying only spend like £5 or something we were like 'Yeah, yeah...' so she told us off when she opened her present which was..a kindle! I know secretly she was really chuffed with it though as she had been wanting one for a while and she has already read a couple books. Just a heads up though..if you want any kind of accessories, ebay is the place to go. This was the seller that I bought a couple bits off and I even got a free reading light with it!
  • Sunday night I had a works night out. We achieved the best in a questionnaire about the company we had to do which meant head office paid for a night out for us. It was smart dress and actually felt like we were at a wedding! As we went in we were greeted with bucks fizz and canapes..not sure if I've spelt that right but you get my drift! We then had a 5 course sit down meal with unlimited wine! (Well, it was limited but meant we had just over a bottle each...!) I had the duck spring rolls, lasagne, lemon meringue, and cheese & biscuits. We also had a sorbet in between the starter and main..this makes me hungry just thinking about it all! Everyone had a great time, got pretty merry and of course had sore heads in the morning but it was so worth it! I'm glad I have made such good friends from work :)
(Excuse the erm..more merry photo!)

  • Again, having no money. When I say I have no money, obviously I do as am working, but as I am still in my overdraft whenever I get paid no money is increased. It just gets a little closer to zero! So it never actually feels like I am making any money.
  • Trying to get information out of Manchester College is a nightmare!! I have seen that you can apply for a grant if you don't get funding, but when I ring I get some unexperienced girl on the phone who says "Ermmm...I don't think we do anything like that." Good job my tutors for the course seem a lot more helpful! Rant over :)

Have a lovely week and sorry for the mahooosive catch up!

Gina xoxo

Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Weekly Ins and Outs


On Tuesday, Mum and I used our vouchers we'd bought each other for beauty treatments a long while ago! Mum had a massage and a facial, I had a facial and my eyebrows shaped. I still have a voucher from my most recent birthday off Tasha to use and cannot wait to have another facial again, it was amazing! The beautician massaged my neck and shoulders too and I almost fell asleep it was all so relaxing!

 That afternoon Mum and I popped to town to buy my birthday and very early christmas present from her and new Canon 50mm is amazing and I am so happy! I cannot wait to use it to shoot at my friend's wedding in February!

As I had Tuesday and Wednesday off work, I spent all that day being relaxed and then went round to Liam's. On Wednesday we treated ourselves to lunch at a local Indian restaurant where the set menu was really cheap and the food was delicious!! After that, we went off to the cinema to watch the new Batman film which was amazing. If anyone hasn't seen it, and has seen the others, go watch it! We did this all over lunch and had an early evening as I had to work at 6 the next morning...not nice.

The girls: Kay, Laura and me x
On Saturday night, some of us decided to be patriotic and go out dressed in Olympic outfits. It is an annual tradition for my friends to do pub golf at the end of July / start of August yet I had never done it before with them all. We all looked hilarious but was a great night, especially as we walked into a pub just as Jessica Ennis had got her gold medal so felt we were really supporting her! For some reason we all did each hole / pub in one and surprising we were all okay! Safe to say, work at 9 the next morning wasn't great...especially as I had to work until 6 and had only come home about 4am!

The boys: Joe, Jord, Arron and Liam x
 For those of you that have me on Facebook, you will soon be able to see more!

Sunday evening came too slowly, but was nice to see almost everyone again at football that evening...with a special lady...Lilly that I showed you a photo of a few weeks ago. She is growing quickly, but can't believe she is already 4 weeks old. It definitely made my day seeing her there on my very hungover Sunday!


I can't actually say there has been anything bad this week minus the hangover..and the workload but that's all my fault needing money!

In case anyone is wondering, as a follow up to last weeks post, I have spoken to my Gran and she is happy to lend me some money to do my course..I am soo appreciative of it as I literally did not think I could afford to do the course after not being able to get any funding for it but am really pleased I can!...even if I will still need to be working a lot..and again, shameless plug: look at my ebayyy! :P

I hope you all have a great week, I have my two days off today and Wednesday and am looking forward to spending the first sorting out my friend's wedding contracts for being her photographer, and Wednesday, meeting my blogger friends Charlotte and Rachel in Sheffield for a shopping day!.....Also am sure I will be looking forward to pay day on Friday! Haha.

Gina xoxo

Thursday, 2 August 2012

Quote of the Week

Sorry for this late quote of the week...but I think it is so true especially for me at the moment. I am very lucky to have the family I do, and have decided to do the photography course..although I still need to save all the money I can, my family are going to help out with fees. I am over the moon as it is what I really want to do and am going to try so hard to make everyone proud!

 Anddd if anyone fancies having a peek, I have more things up on ebay ;)