Thursday, 30 August 2012

What I've bought - Summer Clothing Haul ❤

I've been meaning to post a couple times about clothes I've bought over summer. Instead of doing it over a few, I am going to combine everything into one!

On the shopping trip with Rachel and Charlotte, I wanted to get a few new summery clothes. We had a big shop in Primark in which we had 2 huge baskets between the 3 of us and still managed to fill them up.. oopsie!

I picked up this gorgeous yellow coloured see-through shirt as I hardly have anything this colour. I have already worn it a couple of times with a white vest top underneath and with white trousers but also with jeans on another occasion.
If we actually had any sun, I can imagine wearing it with a cute pair of denim shorts too. I love it as it is dressy enough to wear in the evening with some nice pieces of jewellery, jeans and heels but also as something casual in the daytime.

Yellow chiffon shirt - £5, Primark

Close up of the 3/4 length sleeves with buttons that can also be made into a full length sleeve

Most of my purchases were made in Primark as I had not been in a long while and hadn't actually bought much all summer so thought I deserved to spoil myself without breaking the bank.

I love the style of these tops out at the moment with the cute collars and again this can be dressed up or down. It has been worn out for a meal in the evening but also to the cinema in the daytime. The tie bits can be made into a bow or hung loose as shown in the photo.(Sorry about all the creases!)

£7 Primark
As summer is drawing to a close, I thought I'd better purchase a new pair of PJ bottoms. I practically live in mine in the evenings with a comfy hoody when it gets darker much earlier (sad face). I needed a new pair too as my last pair were shrunk in the wash.

£5 - Primark
Whilst wandering around, I spotted this cute jewellery organiser. I really wish I had bought more..maybe on my day off on Friday I may pop to my local Primark and see if they have any left. It was just £1 in the sale and can be hung on the inside of the wardrobe door - perfect for keeping your room clutter free, especially in the house in Manchester where I am sharing with Liam.

£1 - Primark

I spotted these bracelets for just £1. I love Primark's jewellery range as everything is great value. You don't expect it to be of a high standard as if it breaks or something happens to it, it doesn't exactly break the bank to buy the item again. However, I have bought bracelets from there in the past and they have lasted me well!

£1 - Primark
For any of you who know me at all, you will know that I am pretty obsessed with anything that has a heart on it. Obviously, once I saw this skinny heart belt I could not resist..especially in the sale! It has now become a staple item of mine.

£1 - Primark
I have borrowed the next photo from Charlotte. (Hope you don't mind!!) She picked up this gorgeous lace back vest top from Primark whilst we were all together. I fell in love with it and regretted not having picked up one for myself. However, I went back to my local Primark and purchased one in a deep maroon colour which I wore out recently for my mum's birthday. She kept commenting on about how much the colour suited me so am really glad I did! It is similar to my yellow shirt in that it is quite see through, so you could either be daring or wear it with a strappy top underneath. It is also long enough to wear with leggings, but short enough at the front to wear with shorts so it is perfect!

£7 - Primark

 Whilst waiting for Liam to finish work one day, I thought I'd pop in and take a look at the sales in Outfit. Outfit is a place that has all of the Arcadia group within it (Dorothy Perkins, Burton, Topshop, Topman, etc) not great for the bank balance. I held back though knowing I didn't need much. However I spotted this cute pair of pumps reduced down from £14.99
I actually wanted some different to the white I own and these are great as I can slip them on and off and don't have to tie them up.

£5 - Dorothy Perkins Sale

Towards the beginning of summer I went on a little shopping trip with my best friend Tasha. She was looking for a couple dresses to wear and I wanted some lazing about summery things. There wasn't much in the sales back then but I did spot this cute pair of shorts. They are perfect for sunbathing / lazing about in and are so soft, like the other Superdry trousers / joggers. At a bargain price, I didn't think I could go wrong!

£5 - Bank Sale
I also spotted this cute dress perfect for summer or an event such as a wedding. It was from TKMaxx but is a Paprika Fashion dress. I was surprised and pleased that the only size left was a size 10 (my size) and it had greatly been reduced down to £5! Obviously, it was fate and I had to have it! ;)

£5 - TKMaxx (Paprika)

Lastly, on the way back from Manchester on Tuesday, I very sweetly asked Liam if we could pop in to Cheshire Oaks as we were passing. I needed some new foundation and in the makeup store they often do my discontinued Clinique foundation at a bargain price. (They had got it, big smiles! but that will be in another post.) I didn't want to spend too much, but you can't go somewhere like that with that many shops and not buy a thing. We both wandered into the Superdry store and for once, both of us picked up a couple tops we liked. Although pretty plain, both mine and Liam's tops will be great just with jeans for the colder months. I wouldn't ever spend the full price on these tops..I may be a bit stingey but would rather spend it on makeup ha.

Superdry RRP £22.99 - Discounted to £13.79

Although this does look like a lot of clothes, I have been selling ones at the same time and this is for the whole of summer so I don't think a total of about £60 on clothes in just over 3 months is bad at all! 
Let's not go in to the amount spent on beauty products.......that's for another time!

Have you got any good clothes in the sale recently?

Gina xoxo


  1. I forgot you'd got this yellow shirt, bet it looks lovely on you :)
    Love all the little bits you bought.

    I thought I recognised my picture too haha!
    Ppl told me its a nice colour too.
    Love rusty reds.

    I need to invest in some pjs too,wish I'd got some too.
    I love that teal dress you bought, it must have been fate hehe!
    Your Superdry hoodie is cute too.

    1. Aww thanks :) Yeah I love the shirt, especially as I've hardly got anything that colour.
      Yeah, I love those PJ bottoms with a hoody on a chilly night :) xx

  2. You've got so many pretty things in this haul :)
    I loved that yellow shirt on you, super pretty :)
    You've found some brilliant bargains too



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