Tuesday, 25 December 2012


This is a very quick post just to say Merry Christmas!! Hope it is full of many surprises, too much food and lots of drink!!

Have a lovely day xxxx

Monday, 17 December 2012

Weekly Ins and Outs..

This week has been quite busy but mainly consisting of sorting out work for my uni deadline which is why the blog has been a little quiet the past couple of weeks! - Sorry!


Work has been handed in for my first project, finally! But now got lots to do over christmas..boo! 

I went to the Christmas Markets in Manchester with two of my blogger friends Rachel and Charlotte last week - a post will be up soon about it! 

For those of you who follow me on instagram, yesterday my 'photo a day december challenge' title was family pet...I can finally announce we have a new addition to our family! She was collected on Tuesday and she is a little sweetie!! As it's for Dad's birthday and christmas present I've been told I'm not allowed to put any more other than this one..

Believe me, I will be uploading quite a few more as soon as it's been Christmas Day!! She is the most adorable thing ever and loves her cuddles :)


I still don't feel too christmassy!! Maybe it's because I've not broken up from uni yet but hopefully I will soon! Can't wait to go home for Christmas - everyone else has finished so gone home and I'm the only one left in the house :(

Hope you all have a good evening - think I'm going to curl up on the sofa and catch up on Homeland and Made in Chelsea tonight to keep me occupied! 

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Gina xoxo

Friday, 7 December 2012

Instagram - #PhotoadayDecember ♥

For those of you who don't follow me, I am taking part in the December photo a day on Instagram at the moment and so far I have managed to keep up! (Admittedly, it is only day 7 but you know!!)

If you would like to follow, my username is @ginab1989

I also have a few things on ebay at the moment (some brand new) ending Sunday night - you can either find them using the ebay tab or by clicking here... and whilst you're at it, follow this link to get cashback on things bought online!

Have a lovely evening xxx

Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Christmas Wishlist ♥

As we're nearing Christmas and finally into the month of December, I can talk about my wishlist!
Lots of people keep asking what I want and I have no idea so have been trying to get my thinking cap on and get some ideas going so here goes..

Reindeer Socks - Bank, £4.00


Crafted Bird Striped Jumper - Republic, £30.00

AX Paris Heart Print Jumper - Republic, £25.00


Grey Spotty Heart Print Long Sleeve Top - New Look, £19.99

 Anyone starting to see a theme yet?! Yes, I am obsessed with hearts!!

Fishnet Oversize Knitted Jumper in Beige - FD Avenue, £14.99

What's better is there's 50% off this website until Monday!! 

  And I can't go without this christmas jumper, not too OTT but I love it!

Jumper - H&M, £19.99

White Heart Print Onesie - New Look, £22.99

Unfortunately, I have been told I will not be getting any clothes for christmas (sob, sob) so those links are ideas for all of you to pop on wishlists!

Dvds: Magic Mike, 21 Jump Street, The Vow

Only just realised after posting, all the DVDs I want have Channing Tatum in them..after all, who wouldn't want to wake up to him on Christmas Day?!

If anyone likes any of these ideas or knows they're buying online..follow this link to earn cashback on lots of things bought online!

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Have a lovely evening..mine will be spent doing uni work for my deadline next Friday! Roll on the Christmas holidays!

Gina xoxo

Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Weekly Ins and Outs (Huge Catch up!)...

Hi everyone! So I've been pretty busy recently and not been doing my Weekly Ins and Outs so feel as though I've got loads to tell you! (I'll try not to make it too long but here goes...)

1. Rachel, Charlotte & I (blogger girlies) shopping at Meadowhall 2. Uni working on the mac 3.Uni working in the studio 4. Dressed up for halloween at work 5. Group of us dressed up for halloween night out 6. Onesie girls night 7. Cooked breakfast before didsbury dozen 8. Bunk beds on London trip with uni 9. Alex and I (One of my best friends nephews) 10. All the shopping Rachel Charlotte & I did! 11. Cornetto for pudding at home 12. Group pic on a night out in London with uni lot :)
As you can see I've been very busy...last month I met up with my blogger girls, Rachel & Charlotte- I would have done a 'what i've bought' haul post but most of it was christmas presents so I can't incase anyone sees! After Christmas I am thinking about doing a big post on new items I get between now & then. I am trying so hard to save at the moment, knowing tuition fees are leaving my bank account from January is not a good feeling! 

For halloween, we had to dress up at work - it was great fun apart from when I was on my own at 7am in the shop with all the builders and work men coming in! I went out in the evening with a group of friends at home which was lovely and saw one of my best friends boyfriends out who decided as (he was a little drunk) and I'm a student, he would buy my drinks..amazing!...However, think he may remind me I owe him a few when I next see him!

A couple of weeks back the girls from the Dodgeball society I go to decided we should have a girls get together and dress up in onesies. It was the comfiest night ever and had a great time watching the Inbetweeners movie, drinking wine and playing articulate.

As always, I had to include some food - again, with dodgeball (that is definitely my main social event now!) we did the didsbury dozen in manchester. For those of you who don't know, it's basically a pub crawl with a pint or double in each pub. We obviously needed a big breakfast to get us ready for the day!

A couple of weeks ago...before I was too stressed with my deadlines, I went to London with uni. It was great fun even if the beds we stayed in at our hostel looked like they came from the Victorian times! We had a good night out and it has brought us all a bit closer :)

Again, a few weeks back, my old housemate & coursemates sister and nephew came over from Northern Ireland for Alex's birthday. Although I didn't get to see zara (one of my best friends) it was lovely to see part of her family.  

Uni work seems to be taking over my life - don't get me wrong..I love it but I have so much to do! I have one deadline on the 14th December and another two after christmas. I am really hoping to get my photography facebook page set up over christmas if I have any spare days...will be working whenever I'm not doing uni work as need the money!!

1. Dodgeball girls at Uni champs in Bedford 2. OOTD 3. Yummy chinese food in Camden London  4.Roast dinner whilst at home 5. My dodgeball shirt and nickname 6. Domino's pizza
The weekend before last, Uni of Manchester Dodgeball travelled down to Bedford to play in the Uni Champs competition. (Ignore the fact I'm actually a Man met/college student not uni!) We had to leave at 6am in the morning (eugh!) and were shattered by the time we got back the next day but a great time was had by all. Everyone is so pleased with how many girls now play for our team - we managed to get 3 girls teams down there..considering when this society first started they had 2 girls a couple years back! As Liam is part of the committee for the society, he helps to pick out names and secret missions for the weekend. I alwaysss tell the boys in our house stories and they get bored and end up saying "great story gina" hence the name. As soon as I got it, I remember saying, "This was allll Liam's idea wasn't it?!" Grrr. (least it wasn't as bad as some names...)

Again, I have to include the food photos!..I go home every weekend to work and as I come back on a Sunday evening my mum cooks me a roast dinner..I really miss that on the weeks I don't go home..it's lush! Whilst in London on the uni trip, we went to Camden and tried loads of different foods. However, we all settled on a large tub of chinese food for £4 with a drink, you could have any mixture you wanted and it was scrummy! Lastly, whilst on the dodgeball trip on the first night before going out us girls had a nap then decided to get a domino's as one of my friends works at the one here in Manchester..50% off yes please!

OOTD - winter has definitely hit recently and I am feeling it a lot more. I have had to break out the scarfs and although I love them as soon as Christmas has been I am soo looking forward to summer!

And back up to date...
1.Liam and his god-daughter at her christening party 2.Me and Lilly at her christening 3.My OOTD for the christening 4.My friend's week old baby and my god-daughter (!!) Amelia Jade 5.Amelia Jade 6.Mummy and daughter x

This weekend just gone, Liam and I went home for his god-daughter's christening. She is such a little stunner and looked adorable in her outfit - Laura definitely gets my approval for the outfit! Lilly was quiet the whole day apart from when the vicar tried to draw a symbol of the cross on her chest...did not like that one bit! But was so well behaved and was shattered by the end of the day! You can see my OOTD on my instagram  by searching ginab1989. I will do a proper OOTD post soon for you all.

If you remember me saying, a few weeks ago I went home to do a baby bump photoshoot..well this is the baby out of the bump! She is the most beautiful little bundle with a full head of black hair. I went round to see her and the family with my best friend and her boyfriend. Whilst there, we were asked to be Amelia's godparents!!! I am officially a godmother of the gorgeous Amelia Jade and this makes me so proud :) It was only the other day I was saying to Liam I'd love to be a godmother to someone..so I must have done something right!  Over christmas when I set up my photography page you will be able to see more photos (fingers crossed!)

So there you have it...there's nothing bad going on in my life at the moment and even though I keep complaining about work, I'd be worried if I didn't have any..! After having such a brilliant weekend I don't think anything can get me down!

Hope you're all having a great week and I didn't bore you too much!

Gina xoxo   

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Quote of the Week...

Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Sorry for the lack of posting...

Hi everyone! I am so sorry for the lack of posting recently..I have a few deadlines coming up at uni (not used to being a student and having loads of work again!) So am trying to make sure most of my time is spent doing that..hence being in the library til 7:30 tonight! I will try to schedule some posts though even if I can't get on for a few days.

Please bare with me and don't forget to enter my giveaway which has been extended to christmas day whilst I'm so busy!

Gina xoxo


Friday, 16 November 2012

100 Followers Giveaway!!

I just want to say a huge thank you to everyone that has followed me so far..I have been so busy recently and have only just got round to doing this so am sorry but hope you like what I have up for grabs!

So here I have:
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Barry M No.309 Strawberry
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Technic Lip Pearl
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2 x Face Masks: Crushed Raspberry Fruit Smoothie &
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Simple Radiance Brightening Cleansing Wipes

2 x Botanics Eye Colour 68.Orchid & 120.True Love

17 Femme Noir Beauty Pack:
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The Body Shop Mango Body Butter 50ml

There will be two winners to make this fair as I have a few lipglosses and nail varnishes..just fill in the rafflecopter below for your chance of winning!
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Gina xoxo


Friday, 2 November 2012

Who loves free money?!

It's the time of year again, yes, it's now November so I feel as though I can officially start talking about it.. Christmas!..Just over 7 weeks to go!

I don't know about you, but although I love getting in the Christmas spirit and shopping about, the hustle and bustle can sometimes annoy me, especially having to wait in huge queues! My answer is, online shopping! I did so much of it last year and it just made things that little bit easier.

I came across a website where when shopping you can claim some of that money back, and let's face it, who doesn't love free money eh?! And this is all you have to do...

1. Create an account
2. Think of a present you want to buy someone or yourself
3. Log on to topcashback.co.uk and type the website you want to buy from into their website search.
4. If they offer discounts / cashback / vouchers for that website, the details will appear on screen
5. Click on the website through topcashback to start earning rewards!
6. As soon as you buying anything from somewhere that offers cashback or vouchers you will see it processing in your account.  
7. Once cleared, you can take the money out of your account at ANY time, even if you only have 10p in there! 
8. If you want, perhaps edit your profile to put your name in..that way I can recognise who has used the link :) 

As soon as you have claimed £10 back, I will get a reward for referring you...and you can do the same with others! :) so please visit the website using my own link here

Some websites take longer than others for the money to come through but you can always keep track of it, and getting a little back is better than nothing right?! I've got about £20 from it so far, using websites such as play.com, New Look and even ebay! and to be fair I haven't bought that much. It's just great if you're already about to buy something then think hang on, I'll use the website! You can even get free money from using websites such as gocompare!

So, thanks to anyone who joins using my link and happy saving!  

Gina xoxo