Wednesday, 27 April 2011

40 days to go!!

Okay, so I'm sorry if my posts on here are not going to be very frequent at you can see it has been a long while since I posted my last one! This is because I am now on the home straight of finishing uni and am soo stressed with uni work!

Doing this blog really de-stresses me, but at the moment I have not had a chance to write what I like as when I do I just worry that I should be doing work.. I have had a few spare minutes today to make an event on facebook of what I am hoping to do for my birthday though! It is not until 10th June, but it is what is keeping me going!! Just 40 days to go until my deadline! and 44 until I'm 22! scary!!

I will try to do a '30 day challenge' or something to try to keep my page busy, but for the meantime am very sorry that it will not get much busier than that!

Love Gina xox

Thursday, 14 April 2011

a little help please?

I think I have finally decided on the dress for Liam's brother's wedding reception in the UK- sorry about the no make up and hair not done!! so, what does everyone think of the dress?
I bought it from Jane Norman in the sale and it's just such a good fit for me and I love it!!

 When trying on shoes to go with this dress, I decided I needed some peep toe type ones to go with it and as I needed some new ones anyway, I went shopping! :) I ended up buying 4 pairs of shoes from Brantano when I went!! No idea how! but got great bargains as the lot cost me £40!! I'm just now not sure which to wear with it..I'm swayed between numbers 3 and 4 but please help me!

Hopefully sometime next week I can wear the shoes with the dress to decide fully and photograph for you all to see!

Contender number 1:          

Think these could perhaps be a bit too sparkly..

Number 2:

Perhaps need black shoes to fit in with the black on the dress?

Number 3:

Love these shoes! and for a bargain £10 I thought I did pretty well!

Number 4: Yes, they are two different sizes..but that's why I got them for £5 and I have one foot a teeny bit bigger than the other so all is good haha!! These have flower kinda detailing on them :)

Sooo let me know which you think will look better together please and I will try to get photos up asap of them worn altogether! ♥

Thank youuuu,

Gina xoxo
A catch up and a huge thank you!

I haven't written for a few days as have been so busy with my uni work, but also trying to stay busy so I don't realise how much I miss Liam and am jealous of them all being away in Cyprus! 

I had a lovely first weekend back from uni..went for a chinese buffet with my best friend Tasha, and Liam on the Saturday :) Then went to Liam's house to say bye to everyone before they went to Cyprus! Liam's uncle was asking if I was excited and had to explain that I wasn't actually going...would have loved to as everyone knows how much I love holidays, summer, sunbathing...etc but oh well!

The christmas before last, both me and Liam's sister's boyfriend were invited in person to Liam's brothers wedding..unfortunately, when the invites came out this wasn't the case. We were both pretty gutted.. 1, just to miss out on a great holiday and to really feel part of their family, but also 2, because neither me or his sisters boyfriend have been to a wedding before so an abroad one would be amazing!

What makes it worse is it is so expensive to text and ring, that Liam can only send 2 messages a day to me..considering anyone that knows us knows we are alwayssss talking, texting, or seeing each other and this is making it really hard and meaning I miss him a lot lot more than I normally do whilst we're both at separate uni's.

By Monday and Tuesday (2 days after he had gone) I was getting pretty upset and thinking how silly I was being already missing him that much, so the past few days of this week I have been keeping myself busy doing a few things!.. Including getting excited for the wedding reception coming up on the post above! ♥

I had a little shop the other day and saw a friend, helped my mum out with fundraising for a coffee morning today, and also did a raffle for ‘Race for Life’ today to raise a little bit more! If you fancy sponsoring us, you can do so by clicking on this link – thank you!

Sarah, my best friend Tasha, mum and me after last years 'Race For Life'

Tonight I am looking forward to watching ‘Dave’s one night stand’ as this is the episode I went to see for free in Manchester being filmed!

I am looking forward to tomorrow as am going to another best friend’s new house and then it’ll only be 3 sleeps until I get to see Liam – how sad am I?! It's our 23months today and I had such a lovely surprise for him to ring me earlier! Was soo nice just to hear his voice! It has made my whole day which is why I also want to just take a few seconds to say a huuuge thank you to a special few of you that have been looking after me, keeping me happy through texts and facebook whilst Liam’s been away…especially to Rachel  ♥ Emma  ♥ Tasha  ♥ and Lottie as well as all the rest of you, you know who you are, and you are all amazing!

Lots of love,

Gina xoxo

Monday, 11 April 2011

My purchases when in Manchester
Whilst in Manchester, I made a few bargain purchases!
Firstly, I bought a dress from Shout for £10 that would be perfect for the summery months, maybe accessorized with a waist belt...I'm also considering it for my boyfriend's brother's wedding reception on April 23rd...but we will see!

Also from Shout, I bought a black bodycon skirt that I had been after for ages, for £5 I couldn't not buy one! - Even more so that I had to buy one in black and navy blue!!

Next I made a trip to H&M...I hardly ever shop in here anymore and forget about all the beauties I regularly find when I do..As it's sale time I picked up a couple of things..for £5 each..again, bargains!! 
I don't have many day floaty skirts so wanted something just for that and thought this fitted what I needed exactly :)
And I already have this top in a navy blue colour but wanted something a bit brighter for summer..I like the length of the sleeves and detailing on the shoulders so can be dressed up or down.

Next up was a trip to well as tights and leggings which I'm not going to photograph and show you (!), I bought this cute little waist belt. I am loving bows at the moment, and thought this would be great to jazz an outfit up and for £2 couldn't say no!

Last stop was New Look for a couple more accessories..I don't have enough rings so when I saw this one in the sale and some earrings for £2 each, again, I didn't want to leave them on the shelf!

I looove pinky coral colours for the summer, so am very pleased with these two purchases! 
For a total of £31 I think I did pretty well on all these bargains..let me know what you think :)

Gina x
My week in Manchester
Having finished uni for Easter but Liam not finishing for another week after me, I decided to spend a week in Manchester so that we could get the train home together :) I really enjoyed it, as love spending time in his uni house..this could in fact perhaps be where I might live in September!!
I got there on the Thursday night and as Liam had loads of work to do we planned to stay in...however, this didn't happen once his housemate convinced us to go to a house party! We went there and then on to 5th Av, somewhere I hadn't been to's quite an indie type place with mega cheap drinks but they played quite a lot of chart stuff and I just had such a good time - I always think the best nights out are the unplanned last minute ones! :)
The next day we just relaxed and I went to a couple of Liam's lectures (cos I'm cool, haha!) 

On the Saturday we had bought tickets to go and watch Tottenham Hotspur play Wigan..If anyone has seen an earlier post, you'll see that Liam is a huuuuuuuuuuge spurs fan, and he's also got me addicted! Not living in London means we can hardly go to any of the home games, but we have now been to quite a few of their away games that have been up north :)
Saturday was the start of the amazing weather we have been having lately. I love the atmosphere of people getting excited about football matches, even at the train station before anyone's left, and this day was no different.

Although the day was great fun, it was a very frustrating game..I think I jinxed it by saying 'looks like it's gonna be one of those games again when they just can't score' and that seemed true. The spurs fans were still committed to having a good day out whatever the score and I love that I can now take part in pretty much all of the chants now I know most of the words! (I think people are quite surprised that I actually enjoy going to games, and don't just go to make Liam actually makes me happy, no matter how sad that sounds!)
Although spurs should have easily walked away with 3 points, they did not, and again drew to a bottom team in the Premier League...but our day was not ruined in the slightest! We came out of the ground to see quite a few fans milling around. At Sunderland, we had missed out on getting photos and signings from the players so I said to Liam that maybe we should wait around just to see if they came out of this exit..and luckily enough, they did! We got the match programme signed by: Bassong, Dawson, Gomes, Modric, Huddlestone, Jenas,Tony Parks, Joe Jordon, Kevin Bond and Harry Redknapp and I got loads of photos..a few of which I have put on here!

My Liam and Gomes, what a lovely guy :)
Have to say Rafael Van Der Vaart is soooo good looking in person! yummyyy x

So I have to say that definitely made our whole week! :) We then got a lush sausage, chips and curry sauce from a chippy next to the train station which ended our perfect day so well!

Liam had won £20 worth of Wagamama vouchers on Friday just by entering a competition, so on Sunday he took me there. It's very much an oriental food type place, but we didn't know quite what to expect but I have to say it was gorgeous!!! Anyone that is debating whether to go or not, do it!! He had a teriaki orange chicken and rice, and i had a chicken curry and rice nomnom :)
Was a perfect end to a perfect weekend!

The next week we were both very hectic doing work and packing before going home for Easter, and I was helping Liam to pack for going to Cyprus for his brother's wedding. I went to a couple more of his lectures, managed to turn his alarm clock off so he missed one oopsie (!) , and did some shopping (the items bought will be on a separate post as this is getting quite long now!!) But all in all, had a lovely week spent with the other half before we came home for Easter and he flew to Cyprus today. Long story but I wish people wouldn't get people's hopes up til things actually happen..I should be there..but unfortunately was 'uninvited,' or at least, was invited before numbers were worked out properly. Nevertheless, am hoping they all have a great time, and am looking forward to the reception in the UK, am but missing Liam loads already and wishing I could be there with them all! 

Gina x

Saturday, 9 April 2011

New Hair Colour Ideas... 
For as long as I can remember I have had blonde curly hair, and I just feel like I want a change!! But I need some help deciding on what colour I go for..these have also been sent to my hairdresser to help me decide, but if there's something different you feel would look great too, let me know!

Cheryl Cole's old hair..
I like this as it would be a big change for me, but still has blonde bits in it so it's not too full on!


Let me know what you think..

Gina x
I won an award!! 

I am very happy to announce that I have won a 'Versatile Blogger Award.' It makes me so happy that people enjoy reading what I feel is just my thoughts and things about my life! So, thank you to Tanya for this award!

1.Thank and link back to the person that awarded you this award.
2.Share 7 things about yourself.
3. Award 5 great bloggers.
4. Contact these bloggers and tell them about the award.

7 things about myself:
1. I am 2 months away from (hopefully) getting a degree in Art & Design - scary stuff! Cannot believe how quickly the past 3 years have gone! but am in love with photography having done this course!

2. I love anything to do with hearts!  
 3. My boyfriend Liam, and I have been together 2 years in May! ♥ 

4. Summer is my favourite time of year by far: I am a complete sun worshipper so this early sun is getting me all excited and it is my birthday in June!

5. My family friends and boyfriend mean the world to me!

6. I have been driving 5 years in October, wowza! and really miss it when I'm at uni!

7. Since being with my boyfriend I have a new found love for Tottenham Hotspur...I know people get funny about others not supporting a team their whole lives, but I a huge fan of them now! We have been to lots of their games, and last weekend we 'met' them..(more coming in a later blog post!) - I especially love that when Bale scores he does a heart sign!! annnnd he's Welsh! (Love that accent!) Although he does look a little like a monkey.....and that's our nickname for him! 

Moving on....!

These are just a selection of blogs I love to read, but I thought I would limit it to 5 rather than 15 as it was originally stated. I am awarding this to the following;

These are always a great read, and if you're not following them, I suggest you do! x

Gina x

Friday, 8 April 2011

I’m baaaack! x
So, I have no excuse as to why I haven't done a blog post in over 3 weeks!!! Maybe my excuse does have to be having so much uni work to do with finishing in June, packing for coming home for Easter and having a week in Manchester! so, there will be quite a few updates..sorry if you get bored!

Firstly, after 'advertising' for those blog competitions below, I actually won!! I won a £50 voucher for any dress on from Rachel's blog! ♥ There are soo many nice dresses but I have no idea which to pick...if there's one that grabs your attention, let me know! I still need to spend my £10 I won a while back from thinking about it! :) As I have very little money being on a student budget, I'm trying to find things as close to the free amounts I have! but if there's any you can recommend to me that are a bit more that would be good tooooo! ♥

Gina x