Wednesday, 27 April 2011

40 days to go!!

Okay, so I'm sorry if my posts on here are not going to be very frequent at you can see it has been a long while since I posted my last one! This is because I am now on the home straight of finishing uni and am soo stressed with uni work!

Doing this blog really de-stresses me, but at the moment I have not had a chance to write what I like as when I do I just worry that I should be doing work.. I have had a few spare minutes today to make an event on facebook of what I am hoping to do for my birthday though! It is not until 10th June, but it is what is keeping me going!! Just 40 days to go until my deadline! and 44 until I'm 22! scary!!

I will try to do a '30 day challenge' or something to try to keep my page busy, but for the meantime am very sorry that it will not get much busier than that!

Love Gina xox

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  1. i've just started my blog and find it really destresses me writing a post in between revision! good luck, i'm in my last yr too eek so stressful xx


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