Thursday, 14 April 2011

a little help please?

I think I have finally decided on the dress for Liam's brother's wedding reception in the UK- sorry about the no make up and hair not done!! so, what does everyone think of the dress?
I bought it from Jane Norman in the sale and it's just such a good fit for me and I love it!!

 When trying on shoes to go with this dress, I decided I needed some peep toe type ones to go with it and as I needed some new ones anyway, I went shopping! :) I ended up buying 4 pairs of shoes from Brantano when I went!! No idea how! but got great bargains as the lot cost me £40!! I'm just now not sure which to wear with it..I'm swayed between numbers 3 and 4 but please help me!

Hopefully sometime next week I can wear the shoes with the dress to decide fully and photograph for you all to see!

Contender number 1:          

Think these could perhaps be a bit too sparkly..

Number 2:

Perhaps need black shoes to fit in with the black on the dress?

Number 3:

Love these shoes! and for a bargain £10 I thought I did pretty well!

Number 4: Yes, they are two different sizes..but that's why I got them for £5 and I have one foot a teeny bit bigger than the other so all is good haha!! These have flower kinda detailing on them :)

Sooo let me know which you think will look better together please and I will try to get photos up asap of them worn altogether! ♥

Thank youuuu,

Gina xoxo


  1. The dress looks lovely on you :) I like shoes number 3 the best, I think they would look fab with the dress!! x

  2. You look lush in the dress. I like shoes 1 and 2, which I know is not that helpful because you actually said you love 3 and 4 more. You have a good shoe collection just from seeing them :) xx

  3. I love shoes number 3 :)

    Cute blog x


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