Sunday, 13 January 2013

Instagram - Photoaday December ♥

If you follow me on Instagram, during December you may have seen that I decided to partake in  #PhotoadayDecember
Quite often, I give up after a couple of days, but I actually managed to do this one and have started on a January one too! So here is my final version of every day throughout December (minus day 18 and 19, but shhh!)

1.Advent calendar - mine & Liam's, 2.Socks, 3.Handwriting - my sketchbook for uni 4.Ornaments - Tottenham moneybox 5.Hot Drink - Hot Chocolate at uni 6.Something Green - Liam's gorgeous smelling Joop aftershave 7.Candle - Candles I saw whilst with Rachel & Charlotte at Manchester Markets 8.Something Cosy - fluffy slippers...

 ...9.Movies - Elf, 10.Tree - our mini tree at uni, 11.Something Homemade - again, sketchbook for deadline at uni, 12.Gifts you've bought - For Rachel & Charlotte,
13.Someone you love - my boyfriend Liam (even if he was dressed up as a pig in blanket!!) 14.Cold - Frozen car windscreen, 15.Hot - the log fire at home which I love love love in the winter months! 16.Family Pet - Misty, our new pup, 17.Snuggly Jumper - New Look, 18.Weather (didn't do) 19.Nibbles (didn't do) 20.Lights - my heart light in my bedroom, 21.Outside your window - love the view overlooking the pool, 22.Stockings - a stocking Liam had made for last Christmas, 23.Tradition - Mum making table decorations for xmas day, few drinks & swapping presents with the neighbour, 24.Pyjamas - snuggly whilst wrapping presents, 25.Presents - on Christmas Eve & Christmas Day...

 ...26.Family - my brother, Misty & I on Christmas Day, 27.Relaxation - family relaxing after lunch all full and sleepy, 28.Scarf - new heart scarf for Christmas, 29.Photo of yourself - photo of me before end of year uni party, 30.Something that's made you smile this year - my lovely boyfriend Liam for always being there, the new puppy and of course Christmas this year! 31.12 o'clock - HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

I'm thinking about doing a round up of each month like this...what does everyone think?! If you'd like to take part, or are doing a photoaday task then leave me your links or instagram name to find :)

Saturday, 12 January 2013

2013! Happy New Year!

This year, I spent the New Year at Liam's house. We all got dressed up and went out for a curry with his parents, his sister and her boyfriend which was lovely. 

When we got back we played Articulate (one of the presents I gave Liam for Christmas!) It was hilarious once everyone had been drinking a little, especially as we decided to pair up in couples and we were all screaming at our partners as if to say 'you should know this!' At one point, Liam's mum decided to start punching herself in the chin trying to describe the word 'jaw.' Everyone was in fits of laughter and we finished that about 10 to midnight!

My New Year's OOTN:
Red lace dress: Funky Divaa, Cardigan: Primark

NOTD: Models own hedonist and hedkandi ibiza mix glitter on top:

At 12 o'clock we all drunk our champagne, said the usual happy new year's and rung a few was a lovely evening, simple and relaxed but that's what I enjoy most!

Liam & I
Shawn and Kel (Liam's sister and her boyfriend)
 I'm sure they're going to hate the facial expressions in these photos but they were hilarious!
1.Liam's mum and Dad 2.Liam & Kel with party poppers 3.&4. Kel & Karen with them

As 2012 has now ended, I have been trying to think what my resolutions are going to be for 2013! 
I have managed to come up with:
  • To make sure I do my uni work as and when I get it to reduce stress before deadlines
  • To love more and worry less - things will still happen no matter how much I worry so there's no point!
  • To try to promote my photography as much as possible - to have a Facebook page up by the end of my reading week in January!
  • To try to save money - this includes buying less unnecessary food, using up beauty products I already have and not buying as many clothes! I am going to start doing empties of the month as I tried to last year and it failed miserably! But, I have decided as I have seen many other bloggers doing it, I am going to do a 100 day spending ban! - details of this are on a previous post! 
  • To get fit and tone up - I want to be able to fit comfortably into my jeans again!
I think that is more than enough to be getting on with for now!

What are your resolutions and are you keeping to them so far?

Boxing Day...Another special day!

I don't know about anyone else, but in the past, Boxing Day used to be a day for just slobbing about, playing with new toys I'd got for Christmas, and trying to fit in any more food in the left over spaces that I could from the day before!

However, since being with Liam, Boxing Day has changed somewhat. I feel kinda bad as I haven't really been with my family on Boxing Day but as I spent Christmas Day at home this time, I didn't think they'd mind too much!

This year was a little different as Liam actually had to work for a couple of hours on Boxing Day morning in ASDA...However, as it was only for 3 hours, I thought I may as well have a look round the sales! And I did actually pick up quite a few things! 

My first stop just so happened to be ASDA, and as I went through Liam's till, I could tell he was like morreeeee clothes?! but he did say the eeyore jumper was cute..bonus!

I picked up this cosy jumper / cardigan for half price in the sale £18 reduced to £9. It gets so cold in the house in Manchester so this will be great!

Then I got this cute jumper reduced to only £3! (Sadly the fleece eeyore bottoms were only in a size 16-18 dammit!-Loved them!)

I also made a trip into Boots and River Island. I can't actually show anyone what I got from Boots as I made some fab purchases, some I know will be put towards birthday and / or christmas presents for people I am sure will be reading this!! ;)

In River Island I bought these two items - a gorgeous skater dress I'd seen full price a while back but couldn't justify the money as I am trying to save! However, at £15 I couldn't resist and may just dress it up and wear it for a wedding I have coming up! 
I also got this gorgeous skirt. I've seen loads of these around but not actually bought one myself. I love the colour and fit, and with a belt too it was such a bargain at just £10!! (I sound like a sales person right now!!-Either that or trying to convince myself I did well!)

I tried to make a trip into New Look to spend a voucher I'd been sent to review a couple of items, but seriously, it was awful in there so went back another day to purchase a few bits (post coming soon!)

After I'd spent enough in town, Liam and I went back to his Mum & Dad's house for Boxing Day dinner which consists of turkey, pork, mash or deep fried chips, and beans (with beetroot on the side) and it is lush!! I've had it now for the past 3 years and it has been amazing every year!

Like I said, this year was a little different, as after that we all went to Aston Villa to watch Spurs play!! I was very spoilt by his family this Christmas as they also treated me to a ticket to that andddd to the panto the next day! Although it was pouring with rain, we had great seats and Tottenham won 4-0 so that was a brilliant end to the day!

Me & Kel

Me & Liam

As you can see we were pretty close - if only I had my SLR camera!

The heart symbol that Gareth Bale does whenever he scores! 

After that, we went back to Liam's to watch the last of the Christmas TV. In the past, Liam's mum always found things on Boxing Day that she had forgotten to give people, so now they make it official by doing 'Boxing Day Presents.' They are only like 1 or 2 pound presents but it just makes it a little more special! These were my little bits from Liam, his sister, her boyfriend and Liam's parents...

As you can see I had a brilliant Christmas and Boxing Day and can't believe it's already over for another year!!


Friday, 11 January 2013

100 Day Spending Ban!

I've seen that a lot of bloggers I follow are doing this...I know I'm a bit late, but you can join at any time! As I seriously spend too much money on beauty products and clothes I thought this may help! I did a spending ban last summer and it worked really well as made me realise just how many things I do have and don't use!

As everyone has different weaknesses and goals, I thought I'd outline my rules below:

For 100 days, I will NOT be buying any of the following:
  • No beauty products
  • No CDs / DVDs / Books or Magazines
  • No clothes including shoes and accessories
  • I will be trying my best to take a packed lunch to uni every day to cut down costs that way too.

  • I am only allowed to buy something like shampoo / conditioner if I have completely run out (which I very much doubt is going to happen as I have so many things!
  • I am allowed to buy any essential photography equipment as am doing a wedding in February and obviously that's essential I get it right! - Such as a new laptop which I already have most of the money saved for.
  • I can spend money on Valentines Day and any birthdays, however as Liam now has tickets to The Script and I have bought Dad's birthday present, I don't think there is anything else I have to buy!
  • I can spend gift vouchers sent by PR companies.

Why am I doing this?
Lots of bloggers have got different reasons for doing this, but mine is that I just need to save money. With being at uni and not getting any kind of a loan, I am finding it difficult juggling my wages with paying bills, tuition fees and then things I want rather than need. Hopefully I can save up money I would have spent to put towards a holiday in the summer to reward myself!
Can I join in? 
Yes! Loads of bloggers are doing it..there's going to be a weekly twitter chat using the hashtag #spendingban which will hopefully encourage all the participants to keep going and talk about how they're doing. Just leave your blog link below and I will add you to my list of people I know doing this if you're also taking part!

I will be doing a weekly update on this letting you all know how I am doing and at the end of each month I will try to do a monthly empties showing what I have managed to finish off and a review of each item.

So there you go! Wish me luck! 12th January - 22nd April

Gina xoxo
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What did I get for Christmas? ♥

I love reading everyone's posts of what they got for Christmas (maybe because I'm nosy, but I'm sure other people are too!) - so here goes for mine! I was very spoilt this year so thank you everyone!! 

From my blogger girlies Rachel and Charlotte I got these lovely presents...They know me so well, bubbles, hearts, sparkles and One Direction!

From Liam I got the following, plus a jumper from one of my previous wishlist blogposts even though he said he wouldn't be getting me any clothes..sneaky sneaky! He even got me a poster of Zayn and One Direction's album (who I am seeing in March this year woohoo!!) I love how he always surprises me with presents and always manages a personal might not mean anything to anyone else, but in 3 years we haven't been on a proper Costa Coffee 'date'...even though we've been saying for aaages we would! So he was lovely and got me a giftcard so that we have to go! Cutie! ♥

So...this was the selection of presents I was very kindly given, minus money from my Gran & Nan and a big photography bag from my parents to lug all my kit around! 

My One Direction goodies!
The cute Gingerbread man from Liam's sister that I don't want to eat!
All my jewellery - mostly heart bits - everyone knows exactly what I like!!

One of my favourite presents (I think I'd call it that), was an item I won in a competition in a blog giveaway!! My very own pair of GHDs! And they are amazing and came just in time for Christmas so I was very happy! Thanks to Corrie over at

As you can see, I was very spoilt and has been the perfect end to 2012! Send me your links of your christmas goodies so I can have a nosy ;)

                                                                      Gina xoxo

So much to catch up on!! ♥

Hi everyone and happy 2013! It feels so weird saying 2013! 
Firstly, I'll start by saying thanks for the continued support during 2012 and into 2013. I really appreciate it and only hope my blog continues to grow over the duration of this year!

Right...where to start?! As I have enjoyed reading everyone Christmas is mine!

My Christmas OOTD:
Jumper: H&M, top also shown in last photo: Primark, Shorts: Jane Norman

Christmas this year was one of the best. For the first time, Liam spent the majority of Christmas Day at my house. I went to pick him up about 11am (so he could have a drink at the pub with his family!) and then back to my house for Christmas lunch! My mum really spoilt us all and had the lovely job of cooking for dad, me, my brother, Liam, two of my cousins and their parents, my nan and gran, my auntie's mum and then my uncle came round in the evening for food round two! So, we had a fab morning and lunch consisting of drink, lots of nibbles and then loads of food and giggles as you can probably tell from the pics!

1.My brother, cousin & Liam all looking like 3 boring men! 2, 3 & 4, family around the table laughing and joking about x

1. Mum's beautiful arrangements, 2. my cousin making his mum and gran laugh, 3 & 4, my mum and auntie setting fire to the christmas pud!

Once we had our lovely meal, we all sat down to sleep off the food, played a few party games and watched some films that were on the TV such as Shrek and I don't know how many James Bond films....I only realised afterwards that it was on the Bond channel...oops! The boys were typical boys and had great fun playing with Dad's remote control helicopter!

1.Me at lunchtime 2, 3 & 4, boys will be boys!

Panorama shot of everyone napping and relaxing

 After we had all had a little nap, we decided it was time for all the family to meet a special little someone!....our new member of the family, Misty!

1. Misty meeting all the family-xmas day, 2.  My brother, me and Misty with her christmas collar on 3. Me & Misty the first night I was back from uni (how tiny was she?!) 4. Misty on christmas day :)

I still cannot quite believe how much she is growing! If you want to see any more pics then they are continually updated on my instagram - @ginab1989

I hope everyone had as good a Christmas as I did and thanks for my lovely presents (which will be on a later post!)

Gina xoxo