Friday, 11 January 2013

What did I get for Christmas? ♥

I love reading everyone's posts of what they got for Christmas (maybe because I'm nosy, but I'm sure other people are too!) - so here goes for mine! I was very spoilt this year so thank you everyone!! 

From my blogger girlies Rachel and Charlotte I got these lovely presents...They know me so well, bubbles, hearts, sparkles and One Direction!

From Liam I got the following, plus a jumper from one of my previous wishlist blogposts even though he said he wouldn't be getting me any clothes..sneaky sneaky! He even got me a poster of Zayn and One Direction's album (who I am seeing in March this year woohoo!!) I love how he always surprises me with presents and always manages a personal might not mean anything to anyone else, but in 3 years we haven't been on a proper Costa Coffee 'date'...even though we've been saying for aaages we would! So he was lovely and got me a giftcard so that we have to go! Cutie! ♥

So...this was the selection of presents I was very kindly given, minus money from my Gran & Nan and a big photography bag from my parents to lug all my kit around! 

My One Direction goodies!
The cute Gingerbread man from Liam's sister that I don't want to eat!
All my jewellery - mostly heart bits - everyone knows exactly what I like!!

One of my favourite presents (I think I'd call it that), was an item I won in a competition in a blog giveaway!! My very own pair of GHDs! And they are amazing and came just in time for Christmas so I was very happy! Thanks to Corrie over at

As you can see, I was very spoilt and has been the perfect end to 2012! Send me your links of your christmas goodies so I can have a nosy ;)

                                                                      Gina xoxo

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  1. Wow you got so many lovely goodies this year hun :)
    I loved those bubbles that Charlotte got us, they are so nice!!
    Lots of One Direction stuff too, yay :)


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