Saturday, 12 January 2013

2013! Happy New Year!

This year, I spent the New Year at Liam's house. We all got dressed up and went out for a curry with his parents, his sister and her boyfriend which was lovely. 

When we got back we played Articulate (one of the presents I gave Liam for Christmas!) It was hilarious once everyone had been drinking a little, especially as we decided to pair up in couples and we were all screaming at our partners as if to say 'you should know this!' At one point, Liam's mum decided to start punching herself in the chin trying to describe the word 'jaw.' Everyone was in fits of laughter and we finished that about 10 to midnight!

My New Year's OOTN:
Red lace dress: Funky Divaa, Cardigan: Primark

NOTD: Models own hedonist and hedkandi ibiza mix glitter on top:

At 12 o'clock we all drunk our champagne, said the usual happy new year's and rung a few was a lovely evening, simple and relaxed but that's what I enjoy most!

Liam & I
Shawn and Kel (Liam's sister and her boyfriend)
 I'm sure they're going to hate the facial expressions in these photos but they were hilarious!
1.Liam's mum and Dad 2.Liam & Kel with party poppers 3.&4. Kel & Karen with them

As 2012 has now ended, I have been trying to think what my resolutions are going to be for 2013! 
I have managed to come up with:
  • To make sure I do my uni work as and when I get it to reduce stress before deadlines
  • To love more and worry less - things will still happen no matter how much I worry so there's no point!
  • To try to promote my photography as much as possible - to have a Facebook page up by the end of my reading week in January!
  • To try to save money - this includes buying less unnecessary food, using up beauty products I already have and not buying as many clothes! I am going to start doing empties of the month as I tried to last year and it failed miserably! But, I have decided as I have seen many other bloggers doing it, I am going to do a 100 day spending ban! - details of this are on a previous post! 
  • To get fit and tone up - I want to be able to fit comfortably into my jeans again!
I think that is more than enough to be getting on with for now!

What are your resolutions and are you keeping to them so far?

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  1. Happy New Year lovely :)
    Love your dress, the colour is gorgeous!!


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