Saturday, 30 July 2011

A few days off..
In my last post I said about how Liam was coming home for a couple of days :)
We popped into town after I had picked him up and had a mooch around. After that we went back to his house to meet up with his family as it was his sister's 19th birthday :)
She is a huge 'Me to you' fan, so we bought her a 'Me to you' stationary set and also wii control covers. They are soo cute :)
 Thankfully, she thought they were as cute as I did! 
That evening, we went to Jenko's in Telford. It is amazing!  
It's an all you can eat buffet, but it's so different to anything else I've been to. You pick what meat and salad bits you want and put them all into a little bowl then move onto the next 'station.' 

Here, you get to choose what spices and sauce you want...I love these kind of places as you can try out different recipes and try things you don't know if you like, rather than order one dish in say a chinese and think "eugh don't like that" and then that's the dish you're stuck with - (although I don't think that could ever happen at a chinese!!)

Once you have picked everything you want, you queue up and the chefs take the bowl off you and start to cook it on a circular open 'oven' type thing - check out the photos on the website as is hard to describe! They can fit about 8 people's meals on at a time and you can watch it all being cooked. Once done, they pop it on a plate for you, and you can choose pasta, noodles or rice to go with it.

First time round I had chicken, and didn't add any spices, just 2 ladles of sweet and sour sauce with rice, secondly had beef with 1 ladle of madras sauce, 2 x tomato sauce half noodles, half rice!, and lastly had chicken with sweet chilli sauce and a bit of both sides again. It was sooo yummy and I would definitely go again! - If any of you are around the area, have a try! You won't regret it :)

After we were completely stuffed from there, we went back to Liam's and watched the comedy channel which was lovely.

Although Liam and I said we were going to try to stop too many of the 'bad' meals, Thursday we went to KFC and had a boneless banquet meal for one, each! I was completely stuffed but it was soo good! as we've not had meals like this whilst being apart so we made up for it!

 We went back to watch the first installment of the last Harry Potter, but i was so sleepy that I fell asleep so we decided a nap was the way forward haha!

Thursday night, we went out in Wellington for a few drinks with friends. A new Wetherspoons has been built there recently, and after a few cheap drinks in a different bar, when we finally couldn't hear what anyone was saying we decided to pop there for a more expensive drink, but to actually be able to talk!
Was so nice to see everyone, just wish I lived nearer so I could see them more often!

On Friday, Liam and I went to Dragon King in Shrewsbury which is a Chinese Buffet. Every time we used to come home from uni and hadn't been back for a while, without fail we would come here for lunch. It is sooooo scrummy! and I love chinese food :)

I have had a lovely couple of days with great company! 

Hope you're all having a lovely weekend, 

Gina xoxo

P.S Keep your eyes peeled for a blog sale, as am sorting clothes / makeup for ebay and a blog sale in the next few days! x

Tuesday, 26 July 2011

How nice is this weather?!
I've not had chance to say that much as so far this summers weather has been awful! And to be honest, I've been working every day that it has finally been hot! So whenever it has been hot and I've been off work, I've made up for it!

Last Wednesday I was off work, so decided to make a day of it by going shopping with my brother - we stopped off at Frankie & Benny's before having a shop - he had never been before, and safe to say, he'd go again it was soo scrummy!!

Saturday was my first day off work in a while so I met up with Tasha as she has just got back from Mallorca (lucky thing!) We had went for a meal at Pizza Express which was lovely and properly caught was even better that we managed to get a 50% off code! :)

Then in the evening I went round to Lauren and James's for a BBQ. It had been such a hot, sunny day so was lovely to spend the evening in the sun with lovely company and great food! Mmmm! 

Sunday and Monday I've been working again, but finished work today at half 12 which was amazing as could just sunbathe for the rest of the day!

Liam is back home tomorrow, first time I've seen him in two weeks and I cannot wait! I have booked Weds-Friday off work to spend time with him, and it is his sisters birthday tomorrow so we are having celebrations at their house, followed by a yummy meal out in the evening! Looking forward to it!!

Oo before I forget, whoever hasn't done Zumba before but has always wanted to it! I've been going on a Monday night with Liam's sister and mum and it is SOO much fun! 

Hope you're all having a great week,

Gina xoxo

Sunday, 17 July 2011

My week / weekend

This week / weekend has been as amazing as I thought it would be! I hadn't seen Liam in two weeks, and considering it's summer I'm used to seeing him all the time over holidays! I booked off Weds, Thurs and Friday from work and Tuesday night I drove up to Manchester to see him and take a load more of my things up for moving in with him and everyone from mid August. I was also a lovely girlfriend and took him food, sweets, chocolate, cake and strawberry cider :) 

On the Wednesday we went to see Transformers which was pretty damn good... yes Rosie Huntington-Whiteley is gorgeous (minus the lips-bit bitchy sorry!,) but as said on reviews, she is a shit actress! But oh well, something for the lads to look at I suppose!

Thursday we went for curry night at Wetherspoons, if you've not been before, curry and a drink for £5, complete bargain!! Mmmm :) Then we went back to the house and watched The Dilemma. I'd not seen it before, but Liam and his housemates went when it was out in the cinema..I really enjoyed it! and am now looking forward to being able to go to the cinema with them all mid week for Orange Wednesday having been in Leeds in the week before!

Friday we just messed about as we knew that I was leaving that day. Previously in the year we went halves on a limited edition red wii so were just messing about on that on mario and wii sports.. I have to say I whooped Liam's ass at wii sports (well, apart from basketball) but he is the pro at mario..don't think I'll ever be able to compete!!

Whilst in Manchester, Liam introduced me to 'An Idiot Abroad.' If you have not seen it, download it / buy the dvd, just watch it. It is hilarious!!! Carl Pilkington is sent to see the 7 wonders of the world and dislikes very much being out of his comfort zone...which makes great viewing!

Now I am back in good old Shrewsbury. I worked 8-6 as a supervisor at work on Saturday..tiring, and my knees / legs / feet killed by the end but I keep thinking of the money! Went to Lauren and James's house straight after work as Lauren and I had planned to go out in town. Was nice to catch up with them, Jack and Liv (who had also called round for a chat.)

Had a great night out with Lauren..even though it was just us 2 out (letting James have a night on COD!) it was great to catch up and stay over at their house. Even more excitement(!) was when James got pulled over by the police on the way back to their house..Quite funny looking back on it when they asked him what the speed limit was and he replied "30...odd." But at the time was quite scary. He wasn't drunk or speeding really so rather than breathalise him, they just told him to watch his speed and have a good night. Nice people..must have known he's applied to be one of them!

Mum cooked a roast tonight for us all and Gran came round for tea too. That meal is one of the main things that makes me never want to move out permanently! 

Hope everyone's had a good weekend too! 

Gina xoxo
Liam's Birthday - June 22nd
Soo, as I am still catching up on my blog posts, I'll now talk about Liam's birthday. His birthday is 12 days after mine, and he alwaysss compares presents and blatently tries to compete! 

For those of you who know, we (him especially) are both big Glee fans! So, back last October I saw tickets were on sale for a live tour and knew I HAD to get them for his birthday!! This was THE hardest surprise to keep...8 months later I could finally talk about it! The tickets I bought were for his actual birthday so he was pretty excited to firstly, see the tickets, and then secondly to realise that it was that night we were going to see it!

His birthday was such a great day - like on mine, he opened all of his presents from me that morning. Then we went for a chinese buffet meal with Hannah and Dan.. was soo yummy!! We then got ready to go and see Glee!

I'd had my opinions on the fact that they wouldn't be nearly as good as the TV show, but was pleasantly surprised that they could actually sing....really really well! It was obvious there was no miming, and what's even better, they put a little stage right next to where we were sitting which was where lots of them performed, including the start of the encore dancing and singing to 'All the single ladies.'

I've been to concerts before, but this was just different. Such a wide age range, all looking so happy and singing along to every song :)

But seriously, one block could not or did not want to join in on the mexican wave before the performance to save their lives, what was up with that?! And for those people who arrived late (well, after the support band..dont know why people do that!) they missed a great performance from LXD - League of Extraordinary dancers..they were AMAZING!!

Also, Brittany is HOT! and has such a great body. End of. :) 

Anddddd, Artie got up out of his wheelchair for one song, say whaaaat! singing to the song 'you can dance'! :)

Was a perfect day for a perfect person, and so glad Liam enjoyed it :) xx

Gina xoxo

(These photos are not of my own)

Friday, 15 July 2011

My Birthday Day
As you will have read, on the day of my birthday, I opened an envelope which had a voucher for a photoshoot inside. I had finally found out what the big surprise was! :)

The photoshoot was in Manchester, and then later on after that Liam and I would be going home to see family. 
I was really nervous when we got to the studio (no idea why!) but was greeted with a glass of champagne which set my birthday off to a good start! I then had my hair and makeup done for me - I love being pampered so this went down a treat! Liam might have been a little bored at this point, having already had to wait for me to do my hair and makeup that morning, andddd now for a second time haha. 

That morning I had picked 3 outfits to wear...1 was a going out type dress, the 2nd was a casual top with belt and leggings, and the third could be all a going out outfit: strappy top and shorts. 

Once my hair and makeup was all done, the photographer began. I basically had to just get into all different poses and smile..I loved it so much, and had a great time! Thank you so much Liam :) x

Here are a few of the photos - more are on my facebook!

Gina xoxo

Wednesday, 13 July 2011

My Birthdayyy Week! :)

So, as some of you know and some of you don't, I handed in my last ever project for uni on the 6th June! I then had that whole week to celebrate! (and didnt we just!)

On the Monday night, everyone on my course went out to do the otley run - for those of you from or near Leeds, know that this is a pub run that involves about 18 different pubs...we all dressed up as foxes and hunters and started off about 2pm which lasted til the early hours...was messy to say the least!! 
Me as a fox :P
Me and a few off my course inbetween pubs!

Second pub with most of the people x
Tuesday was hangover day, soo we can kinda disregard this day, although my lovely Liam came over to Leeds after two weeks of not seeing him!
Wednesday was my Leeds birthday night best friend Tasha came up from home and a few of us went out in Leeds for my early birthday, had such a lovely relaxed night, no longer having to think about uni work!!

Me and my best friend Tash :)

Me and Liam x

A few of us that were out for birthday night out number 1! x
 Thursday again, was a hangover day (was not cut out for 2 nights out in a week, let alone another at the weekend, after no time of going out whilst the end of uni was coming to a close!!)
Thursday night Liam and I travelled to Manchester (where he is at uni), as I had to be in Manchester on Friday 10th June in the morning of my birthday to have my birthday surprise...I had nooo idea what it was but apparently lots of people knew it turned out!

Friday morning my birthday came and I can honestly say I still get as excited as birthdays as when I was little!! Even more so, that I had loads of presents off Liam on my birthday morning and then more when I got home from friends and family :)
He really spoilt me - you can see in the pics what I got off him! :) And then when I thought everything was open he brought me a card with an envelope which had a voucher in it for a photo shoot!! I did one once about 5 years ago and loved it so was completely made up!! - (pics from that will be on another post!)

Some of my cards and presents from birthday x

Friday night we travelled home after the photoshoot to see all of my family, was so nice just going out for a meal and knowing I had no uni work to do ever ever again - those of you that know me, will know towards the end that I pretty much hated my course!..It just wasn't what I wanted to do anymore but stuck with it, as didn't want to give up.

On Saturday, I met up with a load of friends from home and we all went out in Shrewsbury - I had one of the best nights I've had out in a long time...I think what made it even better was the fact I came home with £1 more than I went out with and I had had a lotttt to drink! haha.

Liam, me and my cousin :)

Some of the people we were out with :) x
 After the weekend I travelled back up to Leeds for a final meeting at uni on the Monday..

Just want to say thank you to everyone that made my birthday few days so special, you know who you are! I had such a great time and was thoroughly spoilt!! :) 

Gina xoxo