Saturday, 30 July 2011

A few days off..
In my last post I said about how Liam was coming home for a couple of days :)
We popped into town after I had picked him up and had a mooch around. After that we went back to his house to meet up with his family as it was his sister's 19th birthday :)
She is a huge 'Me to you' fan, so we bought her a 'Me to you' stationary set and also wii control covers. They are soo cute :)
 Thankfully, she thought they were as cute as I did! 
That evening, we went to Jenko's in Telford. It is amazing!  
It's an all you can eat buffet, but it's so different to anything else I've been to. You pick what meat and salad bits you want and put them all into a little bowl then move onto the next 'station.' 

Here, you get to choose what spices and sauce you want...I love these kind of places as you can try out different recipes and try things you don't know if you like, rather than order one dish in say a chinese and think "eugh don't like that" and then that's the dish you're stuck with - (although I don't think that could ever happen at a chinese!!)

Once you have picked everything you want, you queue up and the chefs take the bowl off you and start to cook it on a circular open 'oven' type thing - check out the photos on the website as is hard to describe! They can fit about 8 people's meals on at a time and you can watch it all being cooked. Once done, they pop it on a plate for you, and you can choose pasta, noodles or rice to go with it.

First time round I had chicken, and didn't add any spices, just 2 ladles of sweet and sour sauce with rice, secondly had beef with 1 ladle of madras sauce, 2 x tomato sauce half noodles, half rice!, and lastly had chicken with sweet chilli sauce and a bit of both sides again. It was sooo yummy and I would definitely go again! - If any of you are around the area, have a try! You won't regret it :)

After we were completely stuffed from there, we went back to Liam's and watched the comedy channel which was lovely.

Although Liam and I said we were going to try to stop too many of the 'bad' meals, Thursday we went to KFC and had a boneless banquet meal for one, each! I was completely stuffed but it was soo good! as we've not had meals like this whilst being apart so we made up for it!

 We went back to watch the first installment of the last Harry Potter, but i was so sleepy that I fell asleep so we decided a nap was the way forward haha!

Thursday night, we went out in Wellington for a few drinks with friends. A new Wetherspoons has been built there recently, and after a few cheap drinks in a different bar, when we finally couldn't hear what anyone was saying we decided to pop there for a more expensive drink, but to actually be able to talk!
Was so nice to see everyone, just wish I lived nearer so I could see them more often!

On Friday, Liam and I went to Dragon King in Shrewsbury which is a Chinese Buffet. Every time we used to come home from uni and hadn't been back for a while, without fail we would come here for lunch. It is sooooo scrummy! and I love chinese food :)

I have had a lovely couple of days with great company! 

Hope you're all having a lovely weekend, 

Gina xoxo

P.S Keep your eyes peeled for a blog sale, as am sorting clothes / makeup for ebay and a blog sale in the next few days! x

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  1. Ooh you've been having some yummy food this week! Also love Dragon King, love the duck pancakes :) x


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