Friday, 15 July 2011

My Birthday Day
As you will have read, on the day of my birthday, I opened an envelope which had a voucher for a photoshoot inside. I had finally found out what the big surprise was! :)

The photoshoot was in Manchester, and then later on after that Liam and I would be going home to see family. 
I was really nervous when we got to the studio (no idea why!) but was greeted with a glass of champagne which set my birthday off to a good start! I then had my hair and makeup done for me - I love being pampered so this went down a treat! Liam might have been a little bored at this point, having already had to wait for me to do my hair and makeup that morning, andddd now for a second time haha. 

That morning I had picked 3 outfits to wear...1 was a going out type dress, the 2nd was a casual top with belt and leggings, and the third could be all a going out outfit: strappy top and shorts. 

Once my hair and makeup was all done, the photographer began. I basically had to just get into all different poses and smile..I loved it so much, and had a great time! Thank you so much Liam :) x

Here are a few of the photos - more are on my facebook!

Gina xoxo

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  1. Stunning pictures hun :) Glad you had such a good birthday xxx


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