Sunday, 17 July 2011

My week / weekend

This week / weekend has been as amazing as I thought it would be! I hadn't seen Liam in two weeks, and considering it's summer I'm used to seeing him all the time over holidays! I booked off Weds, Thurs and Friday from work and Tuesday night I drove up to Manchester to see him and take a load more of my things up for moving in with him and everyone from mid August. I was also a lovely girlfriend and took him food, sweets, chocolate, cake and strawberry cider :) 

On the Wednesday we went to see Transformers which was pretty damn good... yes Rosie Huntington-Whiteley is gorgeous (minus the lips-bit bitchy sorry!,) but as said on reviews, she is a shit actress! But oh well, something for the lads to look at I suppose!

Thursday we went for curry night at Wetherspoons, if you've not been before, curry and a drink for £5, complete bargain!! Mmmm :) Then we went back to the house and watched The Dilemma. I'd not seen it before, but Liam and his housemates went when it was out in the cinema..I really enjoyed it! and am now looking forward to being able to go to the cinema with them all mid week for Orange Wednesday having been in Leeds in the week before!

Friday we just messed about as we knew that I was leaving that day. Previously in the year we went halves on a limited edition red wii so were just messing about on that on mario and wii sports.. I have to say I whooped Liam's ass at wii sports (well, apart from basketball) but he is the pro at mario..don't think I'll ever be able to compete!!

Whilst in Manchester, Liam introduced me to 'An Idiot Abroad.' If you have not seen it, download it / buy the dvd, just watch it. It is hilarious!!! Carl Pilkington is sent to see the 7 wonders of the world and dislikes very much being out of his comfort zone...which makes great viewing!

Now I am back in good old Shrewsbury. I worked 8-6 as a supervisor at work on Saturday..tiring, and my knees / legs / feet killed by the end but I keep thinking of the money! Went to Lauren and James's house straight after work as Lauren and I had planned to go out in town. Was nice to catch up with them, Jack and Liv (who had also called round for a chat.)

Had a great night out with Lauren..even though it was just us 2 out (letting James have a night on COD!) it was great to catch up and stay over at their house. Even more excitement(!) was when James got pulled over by the police on the way back to their house..Quite funny looking back on it when they asked him what the speed limit was and he replied "30...odd." But at the time was quite scary. He wasn't drunk or speeding really so rather than breathalise him, they just told him to watch his speed and have a good night. Nice people..must have known he's applied to be one of them!

Mum cooked a roast tonight for us all and Gran came round for tea too. That meal is one of the main things that makes me never want to move out permanently! 

Hope everyone's had a good weekend too! 

Gina xoxo

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