Sunday, 17 July 2011

Liam's Birthday - June 22nd
Soo, as I am still catching up on my blog posts, I'll now talk about Liam's birthday. His birthday is 12 days after mine, and he alwaysss compares presents and blatently tries to compete! 

For those of you who know, we (him especially) are both big Glee fans! So, back last October I saw tickets were on sale for a live tour and knew I HAD to get them for his birthday!! This was THE hardest surprise to keep...8 months later I could finally talk about it! The tickets I bought were for his actual birthday so he was pretty excited to firstly, see the tickets, and then secondly to realise that it was that night we were going to see it!

His birthday was such a great day - like on mine, he opened all of his presents from me that morning. Then we went for a chinese buffet meal with Hannah and Dan.. was soo yummy!! We then got ready to go and see Glee!

I'd had my opinions on the fact that they wouldn't be nearly as good as the TV show, but was pleasantly surprised that they could actually sing....really really well! It was obvious there was no miming, and what's even better, they put a little stage right next to where we were sitting which was where lots of them performed, including the start of the encore dancing and singing to 'All the single ladies.'

I've been to concerts before, but this was just different. Such a wide age range, all looking so happy and singing along to every song :)

But seriously, one block could not or did not want to join in on the mexican wave before the performance to save their lives, what was up with that?! And for those people who arrived late (well, after the support band..dont know why people do that!) they missed a great performance from LXD - League of Extraordinary dancers..they were AMAZING!!

Also, Brittany is HOT! and has such a great body. End of. :) 

Anddddd, Artie got up out of his wheelchair for one song, say whaaaat! singing to the song 'you can dance'! :)

Was a perfect day for a perfect person, and so glad Liam enjoyed it :) xx

Gina xoxo

(These photos are not of my own)


  1. Haha I wishhhhh, incase u didn't see I wrote at the bottom of these photos that they are not of my own :P we were close to the single ladies bit, but further away from all the rest! xxx


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