Tuesday, 26 July 2011

How nice is this weather?!
I've not had chance to say that much as so far this summers weather has been awful! And to be honest, I've been working every day that it has finally been hot! So whenever it has been hot and I've been off work, I've made up for it!

Last Wednesday I was off work, so decided to make a day of it by going shopping with my brother - we stopped off at Frankie & Benny's before having a shop - he had never been before, and safe to say, he'd go again it was soo scrummy!!

Saturday was my first day off work in a while so I met up with Tasha as she has just got back from Mallorca (lucky thing!) We had went for a meal at Pizza Express which was lovely and properly caught up..it was even better that we managed to get a 50% off code! :)

Then in the evening I went round to Lauren and James's for a BBQ. It had been such a hot, sunny day so was lovely to spend the evening in the sun with lovely company and great food! Mmmm! 

Sunday and Monday I've been working again, but finished work today at half 12 which was amazing as could just sunbathe for the rest of the day!

Liam is back home tomorrow, first time I've seen him in two weeks and I cannot wait! I have booked Weds-Friday off work to spend time with him, and it is his sisters birthday tomorrow so we are having celebrations at their house, followed by a yummy meal out in the evening! Looking forward to it!!

Oo before I forget, whoever hasn't done Zumba before but has always wanted to try...do it! I've been going on a Monday night with Liam's sister and mum and it is SOO much fun! 

Hope you're all having a great week,

Gina xoxo

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