Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Professional Beauty North

On Sunday 16th October, Professional Beauty North 2011 was being held in Manchester. I had arranged to meet up with Charlotte   Rachel and her best friend Lisa, as we were all really intrigued about what would be there..especially as we managed to get free tickets!

It was a great day and lovely to meet with the girls after so long of talking! I was so nervous and shouldn't have been as we all got on really well. I think if we owned our own salons or businesses to do with beauty we would have been a lot more interested in the event, mainly because most of the things to buy were £200+. Nevertheless, it was a great experience, saw some interesting stands, including a woman having botox whilst people were walking past.....I could never do that! And also saw a Callum Best lookalike...at least we think he was a lookalike!!

There were a couple of great stands which we loved, as they had cheap nail varnish on them! I have bought a couple for presents, so will talk about them after christmas!-sorry!

After we had been to the event, we went to Pizza Hut which was amazing mmmm! even though we did have a weird, cheesy waiter who kept seeming like he was trying to chat up our table. 

All in all, it was a great day out and I cannot wait to meet up with them all again! :)

I won!!

Back at the end of September (this is how behind on blog posts I am!!) I won a prize from Paprika :)

I entered the competition via twitter just telling them why I deserved one of their goodybags! 
When I received a message saying that I had won I couldn't believe my luck! And then when I was asked my dress size I got really excited!....I have been doing my spending ban for 12 weeks tomorrow so got really excited at the prospect of something new!

When I had the package delivered I couldn't wait to open it and this is what I found...

The goodybag with a note from Paprika x

A peek inside the goodybag!

The dress!
I was really pleased when I found this in there as it is not something I would normally have chosen just as I don't have much that colour but I love it! They also gave me a cute bracelet too :)

If anyone would like to purchase this dress you can find it...here!

Thank you Paprika! and I can't wait to wear it out! :) xx


It has been so long since I last posted.... I've been working soo much, and now I have lots on my mind as Liam is in hospital :( It feels so weird without him here, and the consultant said yesterday he'd probably be discharged tomorrow (as in today)....yet they've now said the earliest he'll be out is Saturday..how rubbish! Soooo if I'm not too busy this week working and visiting him I will try my hardest to do a couple of posts! xx

Tuesday, 18 October 2011


Annoys me. Sorry for the ranty post, but I am sat here updating the blog for my photography course..please take a peek! :) And the rain has been non-stop all day, and all night...I know it's Manchester and it always rains in Manchester, but please either be Summer or Christmas..that would be perfect!! 

(*A more substantial post will be updated later when I get back from my photography course...hehe*)

Thursday, 13 October 2011

My upcoming week!

I am really enjoying this week so far, and what's left of it as I have done my photography course for the week but have lots to take photos of for next weeks session.

Yesterday, today and Friday I have a few small shifts at work which will be good to keep me busy whilst Liam and all my housemates are out at uni. Yesterday was my housemate, Ben's, 21st birthday. We went out last night for a night out which was great fun...(minus the fact I forgot my ID and remembered as we got to the door of TigerTiger so had to go all the way home again to get it..oops!)

Tomorrow is mine and Liam's 29months and we're thinking about going out for a nice meal to somewhere we haven't been before...are thinking of Chiquito...anyone ever been or can recommend somewhere like this?  :) This weekend will be the first day in a long while where Liam and I are both free to spend the day together! We will probably have a lazy weekend, maybe go to the supermarket - fun stuff! then just settle down and watch X factor in the evening...I know it may not sound the most enjoyable day, but I love days like that!

On the Sunday, I have a ticket to go to Professional Beauty North 2011. My friend Rachel told me about the event happening in Manchester, and that you could get free tickets if you applied early enough. Luckily, we did, and I am so excited to be meeting her, Rachel's best friend and Charlotte there :)

From the look of the voucher pack we got sent with the free ticket, it seems like it should be a great event, with lots of discounted beauty products! (which I am sure I will do a post up about soon after!)

Right, I'm off to have a laze in front of the TV as I am shatteredddd from being out last night! xx

Tuesday, 11 October 2011

New Photography Course! ♥

I have begun my new photography course, and have been a little busy with sorting things out for that (excuses, excuses I know!)

I promise though, I'm back and will be posting more often than I normally am!! If anyone would like to take a look at the blog I am doing as part of the qualification for the evening course, you can take a look using the tabs at the top of this blog page!

Happy looking! :) xx

Monday, 3 October 2011

My Past Week!

I have had a veryyy busy week, and it has meant travelling to and from home, so haven't had much access to the computer. Now I have, and this post may be a little photo heavy!

Over the past week, I have started my job at Sports Direct. Although it is again in the retail sector, it is very different to my other job, always mentioning targets that need to be beaten, and is in a much bigger store than previous jobs I have been used to, so everyone uses a radio to communicate-scary stuff! But so far it is all going well!

Last week (Saturday) I went to the Spurs game. We won woohoo! and we waited to get signings and photographs of the players after the game.

Before the game

After the game Adebayor threw his shirt into the crowd

Bale clapping to the fans :)

Liam with Brad Friedel
Van Der Vaart - mmm :)

Van Der Vaart
Harry Redknapp - manager


Scotty Parker
A great day was enjoyed by me Liam and his friend Ali...who is now my friend too, as we all work at Sports Direct together! :)

I had my first shift on the Tuesday, and also had my first photography session of my new course on the Tuesday night. It was great fun and have met lots of what seem to be lovely people all doing the course for the same reason! Can't wait until the one tomorrow night! I am thinking of setting up a photography blog showing people what I do on the course - good / bad idea?

Wednesday and Friday night I also worked at Sports Direct, drove home Friday night and back to a 12 hour day at Co-op on the Saturday. Having worked both days at the weekend and driving to and from Manchester I was very glad of a day off today! - Am now going to continue relaxing tonight waiting for Made in Chelsea to come on before another hectic week! xx