Monday, 3 October 2011

My Past Week!

I have had a veryyy busy week, and it has meant travelling to and from home, so haven't had much access to the computer. Now I have, and this post may be a little photo heavy!

Over the past week, I have started my job at Sports Direct. Although it is again in the retail sector, it is very different to my other job, always mentioning targets that need to be beaten, and is in a much bigger store than previous jobs I have been used to, so everyone uses a radio to communicate-scary stuff! But so far it is all going well!

Last week (Saturday) I went to the Spurs game. We won woohoo! and we waited to get signings and photographs of the players after the game.

Before the game

After the game Adebayor threw his shirt into the crowd

Bale clapping to the fans :)

Liam with Brad Friedel
Van Der Vaart - mmm :)

Van Der Vaart
Harry Redknapp - manager


Scotty Parker
A great day was enjoyed by me Liam and his friend Ali...who is now my friend too, as we all work at Sports Direct together! :)

I had my first shift on the Tuesday, and also had my first photography session of my new course on the Tuesday night. It was great fun and have met lots of what seem to be lovely people all doing the course for the same reason! Can't wait until the one tomorrow night! I am thinking of setting up a photography blog showing people what I do on the course - good / bad idea?

Wednesday and Friday night I also worked at Sports Direct, drove home Friday night and back to a 12 hour day at Co-op on the Saturday. Having worked both days at the weekend and driving to and from Manchester I was very glad of a day off today! - Am now going to continue relaxing tonight waiting for Made in Chelsea to come on before another hectic week! xx


  1. Sounds like you have had a fab time hun, great pictures too!! I'd love to see stuff from your course, so yes go make a new blog or use as a feature on this one xxxx

  2. My fiances always trying to drag me to a football match, maybe i should really try it!

    lucky you meeting the footballers :)

    i think the blog idea about your course is a fab idea!
    would love to see what work you do!


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