Thursday, 13 October 2011

My upcoming week!

I am really enjoying this week so far, and what's left of it as I have done my photography course for the week but have lots to take photos of for next weeks session.

Yesterday, today and Friday I have a few small shifts at work which will be good to keep me busy whilst Liam and all my housemates are out at uni. Yesterday was my housemate, Ben's, 21st birthday. We went out last night for a night out which was great fun...(minus the fact I forgot my ID and remembered as we got to the door of TigerTiger so had to go all the way home again to get it..oops!)

Tomorrow is mine and Liam's 29months and we're thinking about going out for a nice meal to somewhere we haven't been before...are thinking of Chiquito...anyone ever been or can recommend somewhere like this?  :) This weekend will be the first day in a long while where Liam and I are both free to spend the day together! We will probably have a lazy weekend, maybe go to the supermarket - fun stuff! then just settle down and watch X factor in the evening...I know it may not sound the most enjoyable day, but I love days like that!

On the Sunday, I have a ticket to go to Professional Beauty North 2011. My friend Rachel told me about the event happening in Manchester, and that you could get free tickets if you applied early enough. Luckily, we did, and I am so excited to be meeting her, Rachel's best friend and Charlotte there :)

From the look of the voucher pack we got sent with the free ticket, it seems like it should be a great event, with lots of discounted beauty products! (which I am sure I will do a post up about soon after!)

Right, I'm off to have a laze in front of the TV as I am shatteredddd from being out last night! xx


  1. Sounds like you have had a great week so far my lovely!
    Cannot wait for Sunday <3 xxxx


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