Tuesday, 25 October 2011

I won!!

Back at the end of September (this is how behind on blog posts I am!!) I won a prize from Paprika :)

I entered the competition via twitter just telling them why I deserved one of their goodybags! 
When I received a message saying that I had won I couldn't believe my luck! And then when I was asked my dress size I got really excited!....I have been doing my spending ban for 12 weeks tomorrow so got really excited at the prospect of something new!

When I had the package delivered I couldn't wait to open it and this is what I found...

The goodybag with a note from Paprika x

A peek inside the goodybag!

The dress!
I was really pleased when I found this in there as it is not something I would normally have chosen just as I don't have much that colour but I love it! They also gave me a cute bracelet too :)

If anyone would like to purchase this dress you can find it...here!

Thank you Paprika! and I can't wait to wear it out! :) xx


  1. WOW, well done you! I never knew you'd won this, the dress is rather prettyful too! Hope you'll do an outfit of the day post with it sooooooon :) xxx

  2. wooow ur so lucky :) this is something i would of picked,

    this dress is a gorgeous colour


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