Friday, 23 September 2011

Exciting Upcoming Months!

As I have now finished uni and completely moved into the house in Manchester with my boyfriend and his friends, I can settle down and try to get my life sorted! 

Recent  big things that have happened for me are of course:

- Moving into the house in Manchester - can't quite believe that I am all moved in now!

- Getting my hair done, might not seem a big thing to you but this was the first time since April I had had it done!!

My new hair! (excuse the naked ladies in the is liams room i have moved into after all!)
- Almost completing a fourth freshers week!-Although we did not go out every night, we still took part in it...I am of course keeping up the pretence that I am still a full time student!

Other exciting things coming up...

Tomorrow - Saturday 24th September

We are going to watch Tottenham Hotspur at Wigan...last time Liam and I went here, we met players and got our programme signed, I am soo hoping we can meet Rafael Van Der Vaart again...he is soo yummy!! and I want to meet Bale too as he was injured last time! I am really looking forward to wearing my new spurs shirt which was given to me from Liam as I am not allowed to buy anything until christmas! (I managed to fit into an XL boys so saved £10 woohoo! haha.)
Bale (monkey faaace!) with his heart celebration!
Van Der Vaart-mmm! :)

Tuesday 27th September

My evening course in digital photography starts. Although I did a bit of photography at uni, I didn't learn all the technical side to it, so am really excited to get started on this for the next 16 weeks, and hopefully meet some new friends!

Late September / Early October

I start my new job at Sports Direct. I am very lucky that I have managed to just walk into a job with the help of my boyfriend (as he already works there!) I was getting very disheartened not hearing back from any other companies, even just any rejections when this opportunity arose, so am looking forward to some extra pennies!

Every other weekend between now and Christmas

I will be travelling back home to the Co-op which I work at when I am home to complete my NVQ qualification in retail.

Tuesday 8th November

Liam and I have tickets to go to see Lee Evans at the MEN arena! I am soo excited as they were a present from Liam and we have been waiting for ages to go!

Friday 25th November

My graduation!! I am soo excited for this! and have finally got my tickets on hold and ordered the hire of my gown etc. Although I really wanted my graduation to be in the summer which would be great for the photos, I am excited that it is the end of November as will be a great catch up with everyone that was on my course, and we are all staying over an extra night for a final night out in Leeds!

Early December

I will be starting to get people's Christmas presents ready. As much as I love summer, I also loooove the winter season and get so so excited for christmas! 13 weeks and 2 days to go! What's more, I am still on my spending ban and so love being able to buy things for others as I'm not allowed for myself! Liam and I just need to decide where we are spending christmas day and boxing day...eek!

Have you got anything planned for the next upcoming months? xxx

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  1. WOW hun it sounds like you have so much planned and now you can add into that meeting me and Charlotte :) yay!! xxx


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