Sunday, 13 January 2013

Instagram - Photoaday December ♥

If you follow me on Instagram, during December you may have seen that I decided to partake in  #PhotoadayDecember
Quite often, I give up after a couple of days, but I actually managed to do this one and have started on a January one too! So here is my final version of every day throughout December (minus day 18 and 19, but shhh!)

1.Advent calendar - mine & Liam's, 2.Socks, 3.Handwriting - my sketchbook for uni 4.Ornaments - Tottenham moneybox 5.Hot Drink - Hot Chocolate at uni 6.Something Green - Liam's gorgeous smelling Joop aftershave 7.Candle - Candles I saw whilst with Rachel & Charlotte at Manchester Markets 8.Something Cosy - fluffy slippers...

 ...9.Movies - Elf, 10.Tree - our mini tree at uni, 11.Something Homemade - again, sketchbook for deadline at uni, 12.Gifts you've bought - For Rachel & Charlotte,
13.Someone you love - my boyfriend Liam (even if he was dressed up as a pig in blanket!!) 14.Cold - Frozen car windscreen, 15.Hot - the log fire at home which I love love love in the winter months! 16.Family Pet - Misty, our new pup, 17.Snuggly Jumper - New Look, 18.Weather (didn't do) 19.Nibbles (didn't do) 20.Lights - my heart light in my bedroom, 21.Outside your window - love the view overlooking the pool, 22.Stockings - a stocking Liam had made for last Christmas, 23.Tradition - Mum making table decorations for xmas day, few drinks & swapping presents with the neighbour, 24.Pyjamas - snuggly whilst wrapping presents, 25.Presents - on Christmas Eve & Christmas Day...

 ...26.Family - my brother, Misty & I on Christmas Day, 27.Relaxation - family relaxing after lunch all full and sleepy, 28.Scarf - new heart scarf for Christmas, 29.Photo of yourself - photo of me before end of year uni party, 30.Something that's made you smile this year - my lovely boyfriend Liam for always being there, the new puppy and of course Christmas this year! 31.12 o'clock - HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

I'm thinking about doing a round up of each month like this...what does everyone think?! If you'd like to take part, or are doing a photoaday task then leave me your links or instagram name to find :)

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  1. I loved your photos of the challenge :)
    Looks like you had such a lovely Christmas too


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