Friday, 8 April 2011

I’m baaaack! x
So, I have no excuse as to why I haven't done a blog post in over 3 weeks!!! Maybe my excuse does have to be having so much uni work to do with finishing in June, packing for coming home for Easter and having a week in Manchester! so, there will be quite a few updates..sorry if you get bored!

Firstly, after 'advertising' for those blog competitions below, I actually won!! I won a £50 voucher for any dress on from Rachel's blog! ♥ There are soo many nice dresses but I have no idea which to pick...if there's one that grabs your attention, let me know! I still need to spend my £10 I won a while back from thinking about it! :) As I have very little money being on a student budget, I'm trying to find things as close to the free amounts I have! but if there's any you can recommend to me that are a bit more that would be good tooooo! ♥

Gina x

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