Monday, 11 April 2011

My purchases when in Manchester
Whilst in Manchester, I made a few bargain purchases!
Firstly, I bought a dress from Shout for £10 that would be perfect for the summery months, maybe accessorized with a waist belt...I'm also considering it for my boyfriend's brother's wedding reception on April 23rd...but we will see!

Also from Shout, I bought a black bodycon skirt that I had been after for ages, for £5 I couldn't not buy one! - Even more so that I had to buy one in black and navy blue!!

Next I made a trip to H&M...I hardly ever shop in here anymore and forget about all the beauties I regularly find when I do..As it's sale time I picked up a couple of things..for £5 each..again, bargains!! 
I don't have many day floaty skirts so wanted something just for that and thought this fitted what I needed exactly :)
And I already have this top in a navy blue colour but wanted something a bit brighter for summer..I like the length of the sleeves and detailing on the shoulders so can be dressed up or down.

Next up was a trip to well as tights and leggings which I'm not going to photograph and show you (!), I bought this cute little waist belt. I am loving bows at the moment, and thought this would be great to jazz an outfit up and for £2 couldn't say no!

Last stop was New Look for a couple more accessories..I don't have enough rings so when I saw this one in the sale and some earrings for £2 each, again, I didn't want to leave them on the shelf!

I looove pinky coral colours for the summer, so am very pleased with these two purchases! 
For a total of £31 I think I did pretty well on all these bargains..let me know what you think :)

Gina x

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  1. Gorgeous Finds....
    When i'm out and about in Manchester i sometimes go into shout, they have some real nice bargains there :)

    i love that dress at the top and the floral skirt...


    i'm following your blog, its lovely



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