Thursday, 14 April 2011

A catch up and a huge thank you!

I haven't written for a few days as have been so busy with my uni work, but also trying to stay busy so I don't realise how much I miss Liam and am jealous of them all being away in Cyprus! 

I had a lovely first weekend back from uni..went for a chinese buffet with my best friend Tasha, and Liam on the Saturday :) Then went to Liam's house to say bye to everyone before they went to Cyprus! Liam's uncle was asking if I was excited and had to explain that I wasn't actually going...would have loved to as everyone knows how much I love holidays, summer, sunbathing...etc but oh well!

The christmas before last, both me and Liam's sister's boyfriend were invited in person to Liam's brothers wedding..unfortunately, when the invites came out this wasn't the case. We were both pretty gutted.. 1, just to miss out on a great holiday and to really feel part of their family, but also 2, because neither me or his sisters boyfriend have been to a wedding before so an abroad one would be amazing!

What makes it worse is it is so expensive to text and ring, that Liam can only send 2 messages a day to me..considering anyone that knows us knows we are alwayssss talking, texting, or seeing each other and this is making it really hard and meaning I miss him a lot lot more than I normally do whilst we're both at separate uni's.

By Monday and Tuesday (2 days after he had gone) I was getting pretty upset and thinking how silly I was being already missing him that much, so the past few days of this week I have been keeping myself busy doing a few things!.. Including getting excited for the wedding reception coming up on the post above! ♥

I had a little shop the other day and saw a friend, helped my mum out with fundraising for a coffee morning today, and also did a raffle for ‘Race for Life’ today to raise a little bit more! If you fancy sponsoring us, you can do so by clicking on this link – thank you!

Sarah, my best friend Tasha, mum and me after last years 'Race For Life'

Tonight I am looking forward to watching ‘Dave’s one night stand’ as this is the episode I went to see for free in Manchester being filmed!

I am looking forward to tomorrow as am going to another best friend’s new house and then it’ll only be 3 sleeps until I get to see Liam – how sad am I?! It's our 23months today and I had such a lovely surprise for him to ring me earlier! Was soo nice just to hear his voice! It has made my whole day which is why I also want to just take a few seconds to say a huuuge thank you to a special few of you that have been looking after me, keeping me happy through texts and facebook whilst Liam’s been away…especially to Rachel  ♥ Emma  ♥ Tasha  ♥ and Lottie as well as all the rest of you, you know who you are, and you are all amazing!

Lots of love,

Gina xoxo

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