Saturday, 9 April 2011

New Hair Colour Ideas... 
For as long as I can remember I have had blonde curly hair, and I just feel like I want a change!! But I need some help deciding on what colour I go for..these have also been sent to my hairdresser to help me decide, but if there's something different you feel would look great too, let me know!

Cheryl Cole's old hair..
I like this as it would be a big change for me, but still has blonde bits in it so it's not too full on!


Let me know what you think..

Gina x


  1. Oooh wow I think it would look really nice, a good change but then you will still be blonde at the same time :) xxx

  2. If you've always had the same hair then it'll be a big change and take some getting used to. But I think it would look good, and I think you'd rock it way better than Cheryl-stinkin-Cole :D If you do, make sure we get lots of pictures! xxx


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