Monday, 11 April 2011

My week in Manchester
Having finished uni for Easter but Liam not finishing for another week after me, I decided to spend a week in Manchester so that we could get the train home together :) I really enjoyed it, as love spending time in his uni house..this could in fact perhaps be where I might live in September!!
I got there on the Thursday night and as Liam had loads of work to do we planned to stay in...however, this didn't happen once his housemate convinced us to go to a house party! We went there and then on to 5th Av, somewhere I hadn't been to's quite an indie type place with mega cheap drinks but they played quite a lot of chart stuff and I just had such a good time - I always think the best nights out are the unplanned last minute ones! :)
The next day we just relaxed and I went to a couple of Liam's lectures (cos I'm cool, haha!) 

On the Saturday we had bought tickets to go and watch Tottenham Hotspur play Wigan..If anyone has seen an earlier post, you'll see that Liam is a huuuuuuuuuuge spurs fan, and he's also got me addicted! Not living in London means we can hardly go to any of the home games, but we have now been to quite a few of their away games that have been up north :)
Saturday was the start of the amazing weather we have been having lately. I love the atmosphere of people getting excited about football matches, even at the train station before anyone's left, and this day was no different.

Although the day was great fun, it was a very frustrating game..I think I jinxed it by saying 'looks like it's gonna be one of those games again when they just can't score' and that seemed true. The spurs fans were still committed to having a good day out whatever the score and I love that I can now take part in pretty much all of the chants now I know most of the words! (I think people are quite surprised that I actually enjoy going to games, and don't just go to make Liam actually makes me happy, no matter how sad that sounds!)
Although spurs should have easily walked away with 3 points, they did not, and again drew to a bottom team in the Premier League...but our day was not ruined in the slightest! We came out of the ground to see quite a few fans milling around. At Sunderland, we had missed out on getting photos and signings from the players so I said to Liam that maybe we should wait around just to see if they came out of this exit..and luckily enough, they did! We got the match programme signed by: Bassong, Dawson, Gomes, Modric, Huddlestone, Jenas,Tony Parks, Joe Jordon, Kevin Bond and Harry Redknapp and I got loads of photos..a few of which I have put on here!

My Liam and Gomes, what a lovely guy :)
Have to say Rafael Van Der Vaart is soooo good looking in person! yummyyy x

So I have to say that definitely made our whole week! :) We then got a lush sausage, chips and curry sauce from a chippy next to the train station which ended our perfect day so well!

Liam had won £20 worth of Wagamama vouchers on Friday just by entering a competition, so on Sunday he took me there. It's very much an oriental food type place, but we didn't know quite what to expect but I have to say it was gorgeous!!! Anyone that is debating whether to go or not, do it!! He had a teriaki orange chicken and rice, and i had a chicken curry and rice nomnom :)
Was a perfect end to a perfect weekend!

The next week we were both very hectic doing work and packing before going home for Easter, and I was helping Liam to pack for going to Cyprus for his brother's wedding. I went to a couple more of his lectures, managed to turn his alarm clock off so he missed one oopsie (!) , and did some shopping (the items bought will be on a separate post as this is getting quite long now!!) But all in all, had a lovely week spent with the other half before we came home for Easter and he flew to Cyprus today. Long story but I wish people wouldn't get people's hopes up til things actually happen..I should be there..but unfortunately was 'uninvited,' or at least, was invited before numbers were worked out properly. Nevertheless, am hoping they all have a great time, and am looking forward to the reception in the UK, am but missing Liam loads already and wishing I could be there with them all! 

Gina x

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  1. aaah i am a wigan fan but i still enjoyed reading your post :)


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