Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Weekly Ins and Outs


On Tuesday, Mum and I used our vouchers we'd bought each other for beauty treatments a long while ago! Mum had a massage and a facial, I had a facial and my eyebrows shaped. I still have a voucher from my most recent birthday off Tasha to use and cannot wait to have another facial again, it was amazing! The beautician massaged my neck and shoulders too and I almost fell asleep it was all so relaxing!

 That afternoon Mum and I popped to town to buy my birthday and very early christmas present from her and dad....my new Canon 50mm lens..it is amazing and I am so happy! I cannot wait to use it to shoot at my friend's wedding in February!

As I had Tuesday and Wednesday off work, I spent all that day being relaxed and then went round to Liam's. On Wednesday we treated ourselves to lunch at a local Indian restaurant where the set menu was really cheap and the food was delicious!! After that, we went off to the cinema to watch the new Batman film which was amazing. If anyone hasn't seen it, and has seen the others, go watch it! We did this all over lunch and had an early evening as I had to work at 6 the next morning...not nice.

The girls: Kay, Laura and me x
On Saturday night, some of us decided to be patriotic and go out dressed in Olympic outfits. It is an annual tradition for my friends to do pub golf at the end of July / start of August yet I had never done it before with them all. We all looked hilarious but was a great night, especially as we walked into a pub just as Jessica Ennis had got her gold medal so felt we were really supporting her! For some reason we all did each hole / pub in one and surprising we were all okay! Safe to say, work at 9 the next morning wasn't great...especially as I had to work until 6 and had only come home about 4am!

The boys: Joe, Jord, Arron and Liam x
 For those of you that have me on Facebook, you will soon be able to see more!

Sunday evening came too slowly, but was nice to see almost everyone again at football that evening...with a special lady...Lilly that I showed you a photo of a few weeks ago. She is growing quickly, but can't believe she is already 4 weeks old. It definitely made my day seeing her there on my very hungover Sunday!


I can't actually say there has been anything bad this week minus the hangover..and the workload but that's all my fault needing money!

In case anyone is wondering, as a follow up to last weeks post, I have spoken to my Gran and she is happy to lend me some money to do my course..I am soo appreciative of it as I literally did not think I could afford to do the course after not being able to get any funding for it but am really pleased I can!...even if I will still need to be working a lot..and again, shameless plug: look at my ebayyy! :P

I hope you all have a great week, I have my two days off today and Wednesday and am looking forward to spending the first sorting out my friend's wedding contracts for being her photographer, and Wednesday, meeting my blogger friends Charlotte and Rachel in Sheffield for a shopping day!.....Also am sure I will be looking forward to pay day on Friday! Haha.

Gina xoxo

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