Thursday, 23 August 2012

A biiiig catch up-Weekly Ins and Outs

It has been a while since I last posted (oops) but I have just been working so so much. Now that my supervisor is on holiday, I am covering all of her shifts. This means more hours but finishing at 3 pretty much every day so I have time to actually relax and blog! :)

So, here goes three weeks into one post!


  • A couple of weeks ago, I met a bride-to-be, Emma, to discuss wedding contracts as I am her official photographer! Eek! It is quite daunting but I am looking forward to it. Once I start my new course I will be setting up a new photography blog and page on facebook, so I hope some of you will be kind enough to follow :)
  • One of my best friends is getting married in Cuba in January. Although I cannot afford to go out there for the actual ceremony, she and her hubby-to-be are having a blessing in their local church and reception once they get home. At the moment, we are all organising her hen do so it's all very exciting!! If anyone can give us any tips on good games or anything to surprise the hen with, let me know!
  • Charlotte, a friend I have met through blogging, has set a date for her wedding next year too! I am so looking forward to hopefully look for dresses with her in Manchester from September!
  • A couple weeks ago, I went on a trip to Sheffield to meet my blogging friends, Rachel and Charlotte. (A what I bought post will be up soon!) It was a great day out, and included a trip to Frankie & Benny's..mmmm! As I was giving them their birthday presents, the waiter (who thought he was being really friendly, but was kind of weird) asked if it was their birthdays. I knew straight away that they'd be getting candles in their desserts..was so funny! 
Charlotte, Rachel and me :)

  • I've also been away to London with mum for a couple of days, however will be writing a post all about this! :)
  • Last Friday was Mum's birthday and she kept saying to my brother and I not to spend a lot. Recently she has done ever so much for us though and we wanted to treat her so we had already decided what to get her. When she kept saying only spend like £5 or something we were like 'Yeah, yeah...' so she told us off when she opened her present which was..a kindle! I know secretly she was really chuffed with it though as she had been wanting one for a while and she has already read a couple books. Just a heads up though..if you want any kind of accessories, ebay is the place to go. This was the seller that I bought a couple bits off and I even got a free reading light with it!
  • Sunday night I had a works night out. We achieved the best in a questionnaire about the company we had to do which meant head office paid for a night out for us. It was smart dress and actually felt like we were at a wedding! As we went in we were greeted with bucks fizz and canapes..not sure if I've spelt that right but you get my drift! We then had a 5 course sit down meal with unlimited wine! (Well, it was limited but meant we had just over a bottle each...!) I had the duck spring rolls, lasagne, lemon meringue, and cheese & biscuits. We also had a sorbet in between the starter and main..this makes me hungry just thinking about it all! Everyone had a great time, got pretty merry and of course had sore heads in the morning but it was so worth it! I'm glad I have made such good friends from work :)
(Excuse the erm..more merry photo!)

  • Again, having no money. When I say I have no money, obviously I do as am working, but as I am still in my overdraft whenever I get paid no money is increased. It just gets a little closer to zero! So it never actually feels like I am making any money.
  • Trying to get information out of Manchester College is a nightmare!! I have seen that you can apply for a grant if you don't get funding, but when I ring I get some unexperienced girl on the phone who says "Ermmm...I don't think we do anything like that." Good job my tutors for the course seem a lot more helpful! Rant over :)

Have a lovely week and sorry for the mahooosive catch up!

Gina xoxo


  1. I love your red dress in the bottom pic :)
    You look like you've had lots of fun, minus work hehe!

    Thankyou for the mention btw :)
    I'm thinking of going dress shopping about later in the year, really don't want to see a dress I like when I can't buy it just yet!
    Saving for wedding and reception first, but we need another Manchester meet up soon :)
    When are you back home?

  2. Wow you've been such a busy bee :) I love having weeks that are really packed with fun things to do!

    I had SO much fun on our meet up and cannot wait to see you again soon :)
    I love the dress you wore too, they are gorgeous fitting aren't they?


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