Sunday, 13 November 2011

Graduation Dress

As it's less than two weeks to go until my graduation and mum said she would buy me a dress for it, I thought I'd best start looking for some dresses! 

I have come across two that I love! As I am still not feeling great, mum is gonna be lovely and pop to town for me tomorrow to get them for me to try on...

I want something that is simple, I can wear for the ceremony, but also when we go out in the evening, and most importantly, that I will wear again!

Option 1:
Part open back dress

Option 2: 
2 in 1 dress with sequins on shoulders

I love both of these so think I am just going to see which look best on! 
Which do you prefer? should I wear tights with the dress in the daytime? 

*Fingers crossed they actually have these in stock in my size in store!* 

Gina xx


  1. Both are gorgeous, but I think I prefer the second one :) xx

  2. I like the second one I think although both would be absolutely fine xx


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