Monday, 12 December 2011

A big sorry! - Word heavy post!

I just want to say a big sorry to everyone that I haven't posted in almost a month! I don't know where the time has even gone! So here is a little...(well, rather large) update!

Firstly, thank you so much to all my followers for sticking with me! I now have 50 followers and am over the moon! :)

Graduation has been and gone..I actually got a different dress from ASOS as the dresses I posted up before weren't in my size or in stock boo hoo! :( But love the one I wore in the end! :) Mum even bought me a new pair of shoes to wear with it (photos to follow!)

My spending ban (on clothes and accessories continues!!) I can't believe it... By christmas it'll be 5 months that I haven't bought clothes for..and if I get any money for christmas I have already decided that I want to buy a new lens for my SLR camera...yes, there are a couple of clothes I have on my wishlist for christmas, and if I don't get these I would like to buy them possibly in the sales but I don't want to go on a full spending spree...what has happened to me?!!

My photography course is going really well :) I just need to get on and update the blog over the christmas holidays! Am hoping to do a studio photography one after this has finished in the new year.

I also cannot believe how close it is to Christmas and New Year! Yes, I am a little child and asked mum and dad to buy me an advent calendar again this year; I may be 22, but that is never too old for some chocolate! I have almost finished all of my christmas shopping, just waiting for a few items to be delivered..I couldn't hack shopping in town much this year (mainly in case I get enticed to buy an item of clothing for myself!) so have done a lot of online shopping this year!

I am going back home for Christmas next Sunday night so will get everything wrapped up then...hopefully by then decorations will be up at home! Mum keeps saying it's too early to put them up, but once it turns December it is never too early in my eyes! We had a house christmas meal last night, was sooo yummy! And are giving presents to each other on Thursday night before we all go our separate ways for christmas.

This week is pretty much party week...even though I am no longer at uni, I am going out on a lot of socials with my housemates. On Wednesday night we are having another christmas meal out and drinks with lots of other people that go to the Dodgeball society so that should be a good laugh! And then when I'm back home, I am going to work's Christmas party on the Sunday night...lots of food and fun times ahead!

Right, I need to stop babbling now and do some work for my course! Hope everyone has had a good weekend :) x x

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