Saturday, 24 December 2011

Hectic Times!

Since my last post all I seem to have been doing is working and sorting things out for Christmas! I feel like a big kid with it being Christmas Eve and me being soo excited! I have finally sorted out presents and they are all wrapped looking pretty under the tree..sooo looking forward to seeing everyone's faces tomorrow opening them! Thank you to everyone that has sent Christmas cards and presents in the post, I will be texting you all tomorrow!

What's more.....tomorrow is the deadline day for my spending ban! I am soo relieved it's over..Cannot actually believe I managed FIVE MONTHS without buying one item of clothing or any accessories for myself...this tells me I really do have too much! - There have been a couple of things I have been eyeing up so if I don't get these for Christmas I may perhaps treat myself with the money that mum and gran bet on me that I wouldn't manage until Christmas! :) 

Even though it is early I am going to make a dash to bed as need a good sleep for my busy day tomorrow and was up at half 4 for work this morning...lovelyyyy! This is the first year that I am going to Liam's for Christmas dinner and spending half the day there with his family...Eeeek excited!!

I hope everyone has a fantastic day tomorrow, gets spoilt rotten and eats and drinks a little too much!! Have fun!

Lots of love,

Gina xoxo

 (These photos are taken from google images)

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