Tuesday, 10 January 2012

What did Santa bring me? Late post!

Hi everyone! I cannot believe that Christmas is all over again for another year (and also that I am writing this post so late..oops!) I was very very spoilt and had such a lovely time. For those of you who don't want to know, stop reading now...but I love finding out what people received for Christmas as I'm a little nosy so I am going to tell you all about my lovely presents! :)

I haven't photographed everything I got..but most of it and I've missed out lots of underwear and PJs and anything I've already begun using as this post is a little late..

Most of my lovely goodies!

Christmas morning I woke up and got all excited seeing a big pile of presents. I was very lucky and got a Joules gilet I wanted off mum and dad, along with a new pair of boots, a cosy chunky cardigan from my brother as well as lots of other bits from all of the family.

Chunky Knit Oversized cardigan from Next
Our cousins came round a bit later with Nan and Granny before I left to go to Liam's house for Christmas lunch mmmm!

Once we had eaten a very yummy Christmas dinner we sat down to watch TV. I find one of the best things about Christmas are the things on TV! We all watched Michael McIntyre's Christmas Comedy Roadshow, laughed a lot and then went to bed after our busy day.

Here are a selection of goodies I got throughout the day:

Black Makeup Bag-Debenhams
Simple Set-Facewipes & moisturiser
Strawberry Body Shop Set
Cath Kidston Manicure Set
Heart Makeup Bag
Vaseline Lips Set-Set of 4 Vaseline pots

Avon Lipglosses
Colourworks Makeup Collection
Lacoste Touch of Pink Gift Set
Glitter Eyeliners
Accessorize Lipglosses

 Cosy Slipper Boots-Debenhams
Spotty Welly Socks
Two Pairs of Heart Slipper Socks
Foot Warmer Socks (everyone knows I get frozen
Heart Socks

 Me2u Special Friend Bear
Heart Handwarmers
Me2u Purse
Dvds- Happy Feet
Remember Me
Leap Year
Spotty Blanket with feet holders!

 Peacocks Strappy Bag
Peacocks Purse
Photo Album filled with lovely photos of memories! 
Heart Toiletry Bag
Pink and silver scarf

As you may have seen in an earlier Christmas wishlist, I wanted this knitted top from New Look and had kind of forgotten about it until I unwrapped it in the mountain of presents from Liam! :)

Last but not least, my main present was a new digital camera...a pink one I have to add! This was totally a surprise as Liam knew I wanted to buy one in the January sales, and I had told him of a couple I liked. However, he'd told me none would have been able to come in time for Christmas so kept telling me to not be disappointed with my presents....have to say, I wasn't! 

Even better, for all us posers, it has a screen on the front so you can see yourself when taking photos... amazing!

As I stayed over at Liam's house on Christmas Day, on Boxing Day it is tradition that the men go to the local football game that is on, and the girls go bowling which I love! As in past years, Liam's parents have found little presents they forgot to give out on Christmas Day, they now do a Boxing Day present which is something around £1-£2. Being the geek I am, I received a Sudoku book (which I love) and Professor Layton from Liam...which is way over the limit but apparently was meant to come for Christmas Day. It is a great game whoever has a DS!-The other presents I have included earlier on in the group shot.

I had such a lovely time, and enjoyed having half the day at home and half the day with my second family! Can't believe all that preparation for the one day was over so quickly!
Hope everyone had a lovely Christmas, thank you so much for all my lovely presents to anyone reading this and hope everyone enjoyed the Christmas period as much as me :)

Lots of love,

Gina xoxo


  1. You got some really nice presents! :)
    Hope you had a lovely christmas? :)

  2. i want those cozy looking boots :)

  3. Wow you got lots of gorgeous goodies honey!! :) xx


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