Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Project 365 - #005 and #006

Really sorry I'm only just putting up yesterday's photo...I was applying for jobs, working, came home from work and got ready straight away to go out for a friend's 21st..busy day! As it's valentines fast approaching (where has January gone?!!) I've been seeing lots of cute cards. Anyone that knows me knows I love cards and would love to get one of those huuuuge ones hehe! Saw this and thought it was lovely :) 

Today I woke up feeling absolutely awful.....I haven't drunk in a while so it hit me hard!! Luckily I had the day off work so when Liam came back from uni we decided to go out for a meal. We went to Chiquito's as have only been there once and loved it. I had Chicken & BBQ ribs with chips and coleslaw which was amazing, and even better we had a voucher to get a free starter or dessert so shared a starter platter which had BBQ chicken wings, garlic bread, onion rings, nachos, corn on the cob, and chilli poppers mmmm!

Sorry for the awful quality pic from my phone!

Have a good night lovelies,

Gina xoxo


  1. Aww I love that card, how cute!!
    Yum yum the food looks amazing, could just eat that right now. xxx

  2. that food from chiquito's look incredible, and i love that card, i almost got something pretty similar,


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