Sunday, 22 January 2012

OOTD post

Hi everyone, I'm trying to keep busy this weekend as you may have read that I had my second wisdom tooth out on Friday so at the moment my cheek has blown up to the size of a melon! Not pretty and really hurts, but at least I'm getting to eat lots of icecream! To keep myself busy I have been having a look through all my photos and realised there's a couple of things I've forgotten to post so here goes...

Last Saturday was my Dad's birthday, so my brother and I came back from uni to go out for a meal. As I haven't been out for a meal in what feels like ages, I wanted to dress up a little so I got my brother to take a photo of me for an OOTD post as it is so difficult to in my mirrors-you will see why soon!

Top - Republic January 2012 Sale £5
Flower Necklace - Dorothy Perkins Autumn 2011 Sale £5
Jeans - Dorothy Perkins Jan 2012 Sale £10
Boot Heels - Marks & Spencer £25

 As you can see, trying to get a decent, clear OOTD photo in my wavy mirrors is proving to be very difficult!

Close up of eyes - 17 Eyes Metallic Toffee palette
Rimmel 001 Black Glamour Liquid Eyeliner
Rimmel Sexy Curves 001 Black Mascara
(For some reason they were all bloodshot that night, so have cropped it a lot!)

Hope you're all having a lovely weekend!

Gina xoxo


  1. Beautiful outfit! Love the blouse!

  2. i am completly in love with the boots xxx


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