Saturday, 21 January 2012

Sale Shopping

Hey lovelies, now I have finished my shopping ban of five months...(I still can't quite believe it!) I have been able to have a little look around in the sales, although not wanted to do too much looking as don't want to tempt myself too much!!

Back in December I bought a couple of dresses in the sales. I didn't want to get anything that I've already got lots of which is why the first dress I bought is something completely different to what I fact Liam picked it out and I love it! What's best, is that it was reduced to about £13 and then I got 10% student discount off that.

New Look - £11.70
Also in the sales I got a couple of things from Jane Norman. I am so glad of living in Manchester now that I can still shop there as that is about the only place I know that still has a stand-alone store, however these were from a Jane Norman store in House of Fraser.

I got this gorgeous floaty dress..Again, I haven't got anything like this, but love the material and how it looks on.

Jane Norman reduced from £40 to £15
The photos of me wearing the clothes were from in the changing rooms, hair all messy and are rubbish quality but you get the idea!

Reduced to £15

This picture is taken from the website, and looks very stretched but is shorter in real life..or maybe that's just because I'm tall?!

And lastly, got a low cut simple top reduced to £8

Overall, think I did quite well with my reductions! What do you all think? (I have been on another shopping trip since then, but these will be in a post to come later..) 

Anyone else got some good bargains in the sales?

Gina xoxo

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  1. Ooooh I LOVE the red Jane Norman dress, simply stunning hunxxx


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