Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Quote of the week!

Hey lovelies, this week happens to be a little different with my 'Quote of the Week,' as for this week only.... it's going to be 'Quotes of the Week.'

Recently, I've been getting a bit down and fed up..well, more than a bit. I've come out of uni still unsure what I want to do, doing extra courses but still not 100% sure where my career path is heading. I think what's made it worse is since having my wisdom tooth out I've just been sat contemplating what to do rather than getting on with stuff! 

The past few days I've just been applying for new jobs, but also getting myself really down thinking that I don't actually have a clue where this is all going and worried I've wasted time getting into debt. Also what's not helping is I just compare to how lots of my friends are settled in their careers. I'm always comparing myself and know that's stupid but it's just me. I had a long talk with mum about it last night, got upset as you do and then just realised I just need to believe in myself....something will come along when I least expect it. I believe in fate and am sure things will piece themselves together in time - I just have to have a bit of me time and never give up. What's better, I applied for a Teaching Assistant job yesterday and have just seen my horoscope that says I will be offered a teaching job....I can dream, right?! 

So for this week, there are a few quotes I need to take note of and listen to! 

"You'll never believe in yourself if you just keep comparing yourself to others" 

Hope you all have a lovely night, I will sat in front of the log fire all night, trying to persuade my Mum and Dad to watch One Born Every Minute... but we will see how that goes!

Gina xoxo

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  1. These are such beautiful quotes!

    Always remember I am there for you too hun :)

    Lots of love xxx


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