Monday, 14 March 2011

An Introduction to my nail colour collection...

I LOVE painting my nails and my nail varnish collection; it just makes me feel so girlie! Although looking at many other people's I know it's very limited! This is my collection...
The ones in the photo below are the ones I wear the most..I love my reds and pinks, but as summer is coming I want something a little more bright or pastelly! Basically, different colours to what I do have (which shouldn't be too difficult!)

My favourite varnishes that I have used so far are definitely Barry M Nail varnishes as they have such cute colours, and think I will be going for new ones from their range..but also Rimmel's 60second polish as I'm a bit mucky with mine and it is a lot easier if they dry quickly for me!!

Any advice as to new brands that people think are amazing, or specific colours, let me know and I will give my reviews on them! ♥ 

Gina x


  1. I love Barry M's they are my favourite, my favourite colours are Bright Pink, Flamingo Pink, Pale Blue, Coral, Dusky Mauve, all the colours are gorgeous though!
    I also love Models Own. Those two are my favourite nail polish brands! x

  2. I love all of these colours :) so summery! You have more than I do, I hardly ever wear different colours!! xxx


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