Tuesday, 2 August 2011

**New challenge**

This is going to be a huuuuge challenge for me, but I am attempting it nevertheless. I saw my friend Kate had posted earlier that she was going to do a clothes and accessories shopping ban for the next month and thought that is exactly what I need to do!!

I have way too many things and have still not unpacked everything from uni! - Each time I go to town I buy something clothing or accessory related and know that I am officially a shopaholic :/ 
When I told Liam I was going to do a clothes shopping ban, his response was "lol" but that it was a very good idea!

I know I need to do it though, and then I can put all the money I would have spent towards holidays and plans for next summer! :) 

I will be ebaying and doing blog sales a lot, so keep an eye out..little plug here but I have a few things on ebay at the mo! - Ebay goodies! <3

In the meantime I have decided to read posts on moneysupermarket.com from people that are doing the same thing, but also, to post up photos of things I have bought in the last few months, including ending months at uni, but not spoken about. That way, it might convince me that I have bought something new, even if I haven't! haha. 

I will be keeping a diary (on here) to update you all on my progress, and to keep me going! - It's gonna be a struggle but I am determined!! (I sound like some kind of an addict!! well, I kinda am I suppose!)

Wish me luckkkk! 

*Day one starts tomorrow!*

Gina xoxo

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