Sunday, 14 October 2012

Weekly Ins and Outs..

Hi everyone, again, sorry for the lack of blogging (All I seem to be doing is apologizing at the moment but I am really sorry!)

This past week I have just been at uni and gymming. However, I am loving it! I have had a great week at uni, learning new bits and pieces and am looking forward to setting up a photography page soon. In the meantime you can check out my flickr account where I've uploaded a few things.

I have also started to try to get fit again! I hardly fit into any of my jeans now, and I know I'm not huge but just want to get more toned and fit back into things again. I only went twice in the week but next week will try a little harder. However, am pleased with myself for actually doing it. If anyone has any tips of how to love the tummy and side bits, let me know ;)

 I want a belly like that!!

Liam and I are looking for a 2 bed flat together to live in from September and thiiink we may have found the one! :)

Friday night I went out for a Dodgeball social. My boyfriend is part of the University of Manchester Dodgeball Society and even though I don't go to Man Uni, I go along to that. It's always a good laugh and was also my housemates birthday who we got quite worse for wear! We went out for a curry and then to a cheese night at BOP-namely B*Witched, Steps, and stuff like that which is amazing! We also did (I'm sure) amazing dance to Gangnam style.
Me eating curry, some of us at the curry, lads being stupid when out

Yesterday was a very lazy day with a little bit of uni work done and today I drove some of the girls down to Coventry for a Dodgeball Tournament. The girls have never won a match before but today came 4th out of was amazing and if any of you have seen my twitter, that's what all the tweets were about! And photos will be uploaded to facebook soon if you're interested.

There haven't really been any apart from neeeeeding to save money for moving into our own flat from September. Apart from that, it has been a great week!

I'm off to watch X factor now to see if there's any more drama like last week - I love Louis and Gary's banter..and want Rylan off now as he's ruined Gangnam style for me!

Gina xoxo

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