Sunday, 10 November 2013

How to save money on your Christmas shopping! (The easy way!)

I honestly don't know where this year has gone to, but what I do know is it's almost the time of the year where millions of presents across the country are being given and received! As the John Lewis & Coca-Cola adverts have been aired, I feel as though I am allowed to mention it... Christmas is under 50 days away!! And I'm so excited! However, I do know that a big worry at this time of year is always money... my reason for writing this post.

At this time of year, the shops start to get manic with people suddenly thinking 'I need to start my christmas shopping,' especially at the weekends.. So many people I know resort to internet shopping for this reason. Did you know that internet shopping can actually mean you receive money for free?!

It's all down to this website: Top CashBack

Quite a people I know are wary of these sites but there is nothing to worry about.. you simply follow the link to sign up, and before you go to the website you are intending on shopping on, you just write the name of it into the search box. There's only a few websites I know that haven't been registered on there, but you'd rather spend an extra 10 seconds typing in a website name to save you money, wouldn't you?!

Here's how to save money in a couple steps:
  • Once you've typed the website name into Top CashBack, press search. You will then be shown the website if it is registered on there.

  • If the website is there, then yay! Click 'Cashback' and you will be told what % of your own money you will receive back. 
  • Click 'Get Cashback Now' and you will be transferred to the site you want, the only difference is that Top CashBack will record how much you have spent and automatically work out the amount you'll get back.
  • Each site takes a different amount of time to register the money, but for the time being the amount will be in the 'pending' section of your account.
  • Once it is confirmed, the retailer will get in contact with this website telling them to pay you! It is all automatically done for you so there's nothing you have to worry about or sort out.
  • When the money has been made payable, you can 'pay out' using a number of different methods: Straight into your bank account (which I use), Paypal, or you can get a bit of a bonus if you transfer it into a Love2Shop voucher, Amazon gift certificate and a few others!
And that's it!
Whether you save 40p or £40, every little bit certainly does help! Especially if it means you can save more money than actually going into the shop on the high-street.  Before I signed up to this site I was a bit wary, but after a couple years and hundreds of pounds worth of savings, I haven't looked back! - I've even saved over £40 changing energy providers just going through this website first. So, from buying train tickets, to a domain name for a website, to clothing, see what you can save on!

I hope lots of you manage to save money on things you were going to buy online anyway! Don't forget to let me know how you're getting on.

Happy shopping & saving!

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