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All about me.. :)



Thought I'd start my very first blog post off with a bit about me and lots of photos!

I'm 21 and currently live in Leeds while I finish my final year of uni off..but my hometown is near Shrewsbury in Shropshire.

I am completely and utterly obsessed with hearts and anyone that knows me, will know this! - I don't know what it is, and mum always said I'd grow out of it, but I really haven't!! I love them!

I have naturally curly hair, but love when I've just got it done at the hairdressers and they straighten it all for me :) 
The most important things in my life are: my family and my friends...they are my world!
Us at christmas minus mum who was taking the photo - she hates being in them!
I have always been very close to my family, grew up with my cousins around me (although have no baby photos on my laptop so ones from my 21st will have to do!)

I think this just sums up the relationship we all have together...and is one of my favourite photos from my 21st..us all messing and joking around! 

The girls, Hannah (eldest girl cousin), Jen (youngest cousin-even though she doesn't look it! will be 18 in june!) and me!

James (eldest male cousin), (Rich - same age as me), and (my brother, 18)
We were always round at my grandparents house and are a very close knit family..as Liam always says, everyone always knows everything that's going on with everyone straight away! Although I don't really remember my dad's dad who sadly died when I was about 1, I was very close to my mum's dad who passed away just over 3 years ago :( He really looked out for me, and I would have loved for him to meet Liam and know that I had his 'seal of approval' :P I'm sure Liam would have fitted in just fine with grandad..well, better than fine, as he has a huge interest in sport, which is something my grandad would have spent hours talking about with him :) One of the things I dislike about being at uni away from home is not seeing my gran and nan as much, as well as other people! - I love getting the random phone calls off them just to know they are thinking of me :)
The cousins and my gran and grandad..who we all miss so much! x
Me and momma at my 21st :)

Moving on....I am totally a complete mummy's girl...she is my rock and I don't know where I'd be without her and I hope she knows just how much she means to me! I can tell her anything at all and I know that she would just tell me the truth, but wouldn't judge me whatsoever.
Me and dad at his 60th :)

Me and dad :)

My dad is definitely the quiet one of the household...and says that me and my mum are too alike..that's why we easily get into silly arguments! Dad is someone I can turn to when I just want a giggle....we always take the mick out of him but he knows that it's only harmless fun and I'd be lost without him.

Here are a few pics of lil old mee! If I do say so myself, I was a little cutie...what happened?! Haha! Most people hate their baby pics but I love mine, and definitely making sure that when I have children I will be taking lots of them too :) 

Us two :)

Annnnd this is a photo of me and my brother when he was born :)

My brother and I are 3 years apart..although as he's grown up he looks the same age as me if not older, and am sure could get in places to go out drinking before I could!..From a young age I was very protective of him, and even now amongst all the things he does to annoy me (on purpose!) I would be there like a shot if he needed anything..


I've always seen myself as a bubbly person, although very shy around people I don't know, but once you get to know me you'll soon see there's no shutting me up!! I've been lucky that I've always had a close set of friends..although a few have grown a bit distance since being at uni, but I've met even more having gone to uni!
Helen and I (I don't drive like that anymore! ha!)
Lauren, Helen and me at playschool :)
The picture above is when I was at playschool, so about the age of 4..this is where I met one of my bestest friends anyone could wish for, Lauren. :) She's still a great friend to this day, and even going to uni 2 and a half hours away from home hasn't separated us :)
The other friend, Helen, is like a cousin to me..we grew up together and her mum is my godmother which means we see each other lots around birthdays, christmas etc. Unfortunately, I don't get to see her nearly as much as I'd like to, as she now lives up in Scotland, but their family lives near my home so we make sure to see each other when they come down to visit...at least Scotland isn't as far as Canada which is where they did live for a while...and was an amazing holiday when we went to visit!!

All of my friends and I went to the same playschool, same primary school and same secondary school, and it was after that, that some of us went separate ways. I feel so lucky that at secondary school as well as having all the close friends I had throughout everything, I was also friends with lots of others :) 
All of the people I grew up with always said I was 'the popular one' which is possibly why I find it harder now that people have moved on, and have what it seems like, a lot less friends..but that's life I suppose...everyone grows up...people who want to be in your life will make that effort, and they're the ones worth sticking to!

Me ready for prom!
Secondary school prom with Lauren, Jade and Becky
Me ready to go to sixth form leavers ball :)
Some of my friends at sixth form :)
At sixth form, as well as sticking with the close friends I had made since primary school minus a few, I met lots of other new friends :) including one very special person to me, Liam :) Unfortunately, we didn't get together at sixth form but stayed good friends and 3 years (ish) later when I was at uni, after seeing other people, we did!! :)....I didn't mean to hurt anyone in us getting together (if I did), but my life motto is 'Never regret anything that makes you smile,' and this really fits that. Liam and I actually have a pretty good love story behind us, and just makes me so happy every time I think about it! I do believe in fate and even more so after all that happened..if it gives you that second chance to have what you want, you really need to jump at the chance (which I did and I'm sure will be in another post at a later date)! He is my best friend, boyfriend and soulmate and I couldn't imagine ever being without him. His family are like my second family now, the amount of time I spend around there when I go home!! Through him, I've made so many new friends which makes me so happy that I get on with them all soo well :)
Liam and me N.Y.E '10

Anywayy, back to sixth form..after then, I didn't really know what I wanted to do...but I have always been interested in art so went to do a Foundation Art course year. Even after that year, I didn't know what aspect of art I wanted to go into, so applied for a course where I could do it all..which is where I am now! in my final year!! I know now that I really want to do photography of some sort or be a primary school teacher..bit of a difference! but as I've grown up I've always loved looking after younger children..so we will see what happens once I finish this course!

I've met lots of great friends while at uni, you all know who you are!...including one of my besties that I went to Hong Kong with which was amazing! However, another best friend and I, Tasha, became best friends through both of our ex's..that's all in the past, but we've made an everlasting friendship out of it! :)

So that's me! Here's a few more photos to end with..x
Uni friends - Laura, me, kayla, laura, zainab and zara x
My notice board at uni..photos, my heart light and me2u bear calendar - my favourite things!
Kayla, zara, laura me and james :)

zara, kayla, laura, tasha, and me on tasha's first visit up to Leeds :)

My motto's...
"Life's too short;
break the rules,
forgive quickly, 
kiss slowly,
love truly,
laugh uncontrollably
never regret anything that made you smile!!"

Lots of things in the past have made me realise that I regretted too much, took too many things for granted and..if you want something to happen, make it.
Afterall, nothing lasts forever..So this is a new me :) xoxo

Gina x

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