Tuesday, 22 February 2011

The Secret...

This is something a friend told me to watch a while ago. She had been told to watch it, and since then it had really worked for her and so I want to share it with you..Since watching, she had job interviews for a top fashion company, her and her boyfriend had got back together, and she had a lot more good feelings than before. You may think it's a waste of time but it's hard to explain so when you have a free 20mins I advise you to watch this clip from 'the secret' video. (The very first bit seems like it is the beginning of a horror vid though!! haha.)

It is all to do with how you always attract certain things into your life...your friends, how you live, everything even things you hate about your life...you've attracted them all.
If you keep saying to yourself, "I'm going to be late," "I am so screwed with all these bills I have,"obviously you will be more aware to it all but you're also attracting it to yourself so it is ultimately going to happen.

It is hard to explain exactly how it works without watching the video, but since I watched it, it may sound stupid but I've just tried to have more positive thoughts since watching this clip, and yes, I believe it is actually working. - "If you're feeling good, you're creating a future that is on track with what you desire."

Just try it, watch this video, it won't work straight away but for me I can see how things are changing within my life...hope it works for you too!

Gina x

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