Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Project 365 - #008, #009, #010. #011, #012, #013

Soo, I am a very bad blogger and am slacking somewhat in the Project 365!! However, I have still taken a photo every day and have decided to do a weekly project 365 showing the 7 photos from that week...almost like a weekly in's and outs!

So, for the past almost week..

#008 - Thursday 2nd February - all I did was work! (sorry for the photo not being my own!)

#009 - Friday 3rd February was all about job interview day! I managed to secure an interview for a teaching assistant at a really amazing school in Manchester. Sadly, I didn't get it :( but I got through the first stage whilst we were there to actually get an interview! Better luck next time! Obviously this wasn't me, but this is how I felt having the headteacher, deputy head and head of the department there!

#010 - Saturday 4th February - It snowed!! :) This was the first snow I'd seen all winter....my housemate and I had gone to dunelm buying a few bits for the house and next minute we looked outside and it was snowing! :) Liam and I then went to town to get a few bits and this was the view out of the Arndale centre!!

#011 - Sunday 5th February - Liam and I had noodles and chicken for tea, have to say it was scrummy!! (is that even a word?!)

#012 - Monday 6th February - Nothing much happened today but I have decided I want to start madly saving again! - I want to make sure I go for a nice summer holiday this year, but also neeeeeed some new lenses for my SLR camera so any spare change is going in this little pot that I can't open :)

#013 - Tuesday 7th February - Again, just worked all day, found out I didn't get the job :( boohoo! and spent all evening listing items onto the Bay of the E that is Ebay! Take a peek ...items end a week on Friday!

I have decided that Saturday's or Sunday's are going to be my day / night of posting the Project 365's so this week will be a shorter one as have posted loads just now!

Can you believe tomorrow I have been blogging for a year?!! Something exciting will be coming up! xxx

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