Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Weekly Ins and Outs / Project 365

As I have been a bit slow writing this up, it will be an overview of the past two weeks!

- Tuesday 14th was of course Valentines Day...Liam and I don't really do anything that special on this day, although it was our 2 years and 9 months and Tuesday is generally our takeaway / meal out day! :) 
I was a nice girlfriend and bought him a Spurs training shirt and the new Final Fantasy game (which I didn't give him until after the meal otherwise we wouldn't have got to go out I'm sure!!)..hence no longer getting any attention off him anymore haha. He was lovely and bought me a me 2 u bear, Professor Layton game and a gorgeous card. I don't know about any of you but I LOVE cards and almost cried with how cute it was and what was written inside.Later on we went out for a curry which was lovely....being obsessed with hearts and seeing heart balloons everywhere made my day! 

- Part of my new year resolutions are to try to clear some of my clutter and get a bit of money saved up...I managed to sell about 20 items on ebay which wasn't bad and is a little dent into my overdraft. - I will be listing more on Wednesday so keep an eye out! 

- At the weekend (18th) Liam and I went home for his parents 25th wedding anniversary. We all got dressed up and celebrated as a big family which was lovely! I had steak and chips...didn't get a photo of the food but was so yummy!

- I am trying to get better at making good food, and although I can't say I properly 'made' this, Liam has really got me into fajitas. So simple and easy to do, but so good..so on Monday, we used a fajita kit....soo good!

- Tuesday was of course Pancake Day! One of my favourite days of the year. I like my pancakes simple...lemon and sugar and had great fun making them with the housemates :)

- At the weekend I went home..my parents and I went to watch my brother play hockey in Birmingham and then in the evening I caught up with a couple of friends at home who I hadn't seen in ages. We had such a fun night, loads of giggles and ended up going out into town just the three of us. What was better, was that work was paying me holiday for that weekend - love getting paid for not being there!

My brothers personalised hockey socks! Haha :)
Bex and Lauren on our night out x
Lauren and I x

 - Valentines Day was going so well, until I broke the blind in Liam's room..oops. It kinda just decided to not move properly and now doesn't close. That is almost why I waited until after the meal to give Liam his new Xbox game, to try to make up for the blind!!

- Got some guy on Ebay telling me he has paid for two items when I have only received one Paypal payment as he has just pressed that he has sent payment for the other...what's more annoying, he's Spanish and speaks very little English so it is so hard to try to explain that I need him to pay for the other...arghhh.

- When I went home and had a lovely meal with Liam's family, the next morning I went to move my car onto their drive after his brother and sister-in law had gone home, and my handbrake decided to break. Liam and his dad had just joked to make sure I didn't scratch his dad's new Jag, so when I rung in a frantic panic and just screamed "Come outside" as I didn't know what to do, they thought I had actually bumped into it! Thankfully, it is now all fixed and I can park all fine.

- Whilst my car was at home for the week getting its handbrake fixed, the garage also decided to look at another problem...It has started leaking water into the drivers footwell and behind the seat...after looking on google it seems to be quite a common problem with 54 / 05 plate corsa's! :( Bad times.

Hope you've all had a good couple of weeks! xx

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