Thursday, 15 March 2012

A very late Weekly Ins and Outs


- I have been working loads this week trying to get as much money as I can before the cut off date!..This means I haven't been doing a lot else.. Not sure if that is an in or an out but definitely will be on pay day!

- On Tuesday, I met up with an old uni friend in Manchester..she had come up to go out for her birthday and we thought we needed a good catch up! We went to Pizza Hut and had the buffet but no, thankfully we didn't have the weird waiter that we did when I went with Rachel and Charlotte (two of my blogger girls)! Was so nice to just relax, do a bit of shopping, and have a good giggle! I need to make more of an effort to meet up with friends who I haven't seen in ages.

A bag I really love in Primark!

- Wednesday I just worked again, but made sure Liam and I were in for a relaxing lazy evening as we needed it! We just watched the football on tv and ordered a takeaway as we hadn't had one for ages-yes, really lazy as the takeaway we ordered from is literally 5mins walk! Lazy to a whole new level!

- It was International Women's Day on Thursday and when I told this to Liam he just replied how I should be in the kitchen making sandwiches rude! I didn't do anything different for it other than work then relax all evening again!

- Friday has turned into my cleaning / tidying / washing day as I normally have the day off work...I wouldn't say that is an 'In' but at least it keeps me busy! Got so excited though, (people on twitter may already know!)..on my way back from doing the food shop I saw some big lorries with cameras inside that I had seen the week before...then I saw a production team, cameras, and a director! I made sure as soon as my housemate got back from uni we went to have a look! We have since found out that Daniel Mays and Sheridan Smith are in it..and the filming is for a new ITV program called 'Mrs.Biggs.' How exciting!!

- At the weekend, Liam was away in Watford with the boys playing Dodgeball so Katy and I had some girlie evenings involving drinking wine and making pink cupcakes! They were soo yummy! We got a McDonalds one night and they gave us 3 McFlurry's instead of 2, so we had a huge one each!! :)

- I have also managed to sell more things on ebay and make a little bit more money! - This has been a busy week!

- Should have never ever told Ben (my housemate) that Nerf guns were on offer in Sainsbury' I just keep getting fired at by Liam and Ben :(

That is about it...I am in a good mood! :) xx


  1. haha that bit about the pizza hut waiter made me lol, maybe we should go in there when i come manchester and see if we have him and remembers us!

    i love that primark bag, i'm scared of stepping foot in there, i'm worried i'm going to have some huge spending spree there.

    i love it when fast food places get orders wrong, once me and daz got a chicken bucket from kfc and they gave us 10 portions of chips instead of 4, i have no idea how they managed that but we didn't complain.

    yay to making more money on ebay, i've got stuff on there now, i'm hoping i get a decent amount of cash, :)

    x x x x

  2. That bag looks like the ones you get in accessorize! Verry nice :) love your blog btw! xx


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