Monday, 5 March 2012

Weekly Ins and Outs

- Firstly, thank you and hello to all my new followers! I am almost at 70 (which some people would say is nothing, but every single follower means so much to thank you! And if you get the time, at the side of my blog there is a poll to see what everyone would like to see more of on here.

- I have had pay days from both of my jobs within the past week which means good looking bank balance (if you don't count the overdraft!) Just also means I have to save as much as I can for chipping away my overdraft before getting charged interest.

- I actually won a competition! I was a winner of some 'Fade Out Anti Shadow Brightening Eye Cream' which I will be reviewing and showing you later on in the month.

- This week I seem to have been doing a lot of complaining! - I got some gorgeous new shoes from Republic in the post, but they arrived with a chip in them and and a pen mark. There were no more left in the sale so I complained about them and they gave me a £5 refund...considering they were down to £15 in the sale I was very happy! Also, less exciting... Liam and I bought some fridge pasta from Morrisons which went off 2 days before the sell by date. Again, I complained about this and literally 2 days later, I had £4 vouchers sent to me in the post!-Very impressed with both company's services.

- Something I had completely forgotten about was a website I used over Christmas called TopCashback. Whenever I bought something I used this site and over the Christmas period racked up £11's worth of cashback which has been processed and now put into my bank..anything to please me eh?! If you want to use this site, read a review I posted a while back on it here.

- The issue with the Spanish man on ebay is STILL ongoing...Arghh! On the other hand I am going to plug a cheeky link to more of my life that I am selling on ebay!

- I have managed to break my digital camera that Liam bought me for christmas :( It was working perfectly then just decided to not turn on or not go past the date / time screen. Brillllllliant. Other than that, the past week has been pretty good :)

Hope you have all had a good week,

Gina xoxo

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